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Innovating Saudi Arabia's Construction Sector: Al Bawani's No-Code Journey

Discover how Creatio's no-code solutions are enhancing collaboration and shaping the construction industry in an exclusive interview with Modar Sheikh Saeed, IT Manager at Al Bawani

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Al Bawani stands out as a premier contracting company in Saudi Arabia, serving a diverse portfolio of customers by offering top-notch, sustainable, and high-quality construction services. The company's success is rooted in world-class engineering, cutting-edge technology, top equipment, and integrated support services. In pursuit of further alignment with their core values, Al Bawani embarked on a quest to find a technological solution that could bolster their development aspirations. This led them to explore the potential of a no-code system, a move that supports their vision of leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency.

The company aspired to utilize emerging technology to adeptly oversee their business and streamline the processes integral to their day-to-day operations. Furthermore, they were actively seeking solutions to enhance the flow of information. Within the intricate construction landscape, access to real-time data was considered vital for seamless communication between construction sites and the office.

Through Creatio, Al Bawani attained the maximum degree of freedom to automate workflows and innovate. They now have the capability to develop customized apps and services aligned with the company’s business needs, built by their non-technical employees. Al Bawani has established robust support for multi-departmental collaboration, enabling them to control and adjust internal processes easily, facilitating automated project management.

Embracing the 21st century means evolving beyond the limitations of traditional workflows. With Creatio, we gain freedom, and no-code ensures progress without dead ends. With the system's powerful capabilities and continuous developments, Creatio stands as a testament to the speed and innovation defining our era and aligns with the values we represent at Al Bawani.
Modar Sheikh Saeed
IT Business Manager, Al Bawani

Key Figures

Leading construction contractor company in Saudi Arabia
Top contractor of the year 2021, 2022 and top sustainability contractor of 2023
Over three decades of experience
15,000+ employees
260+ remarkable projects completed

Key deliverables

Streamlined and effective management

Provided an access to real-time data

Unified platform for multi-departmental collaboration

Simplified and automated process

Integrated project management workflows

About Al Bawani

Established in 1991, Al Bawani Holding Company stands at the forefront of the construction and infrastructure landscape. The company leverages the combined expertise of its diversified subsidiaries throughout the entire construction value chain, shaping world-class built environments. These subsidiaries operate across various sectors, including construction, technology, MEP solutions, facility management, water and power initiatives, financial and investment solutions, as well as innovative approaches to construction projects. Al Bawani has developed a resilient and robust portfolio that reflects its adaptability to ever-evolving market conditions and a commitment to redefining the boundaries of construction and engineering.

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