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From Constraints to
No-Code Empowerment

In the dynamic and competitive financial services industry, AutoPayPlus, a leader in automated loan payment services, found themselves at a crossroads. They were entrenched with a platform that despite the promises of unlimited services, left them grappling with high costs, disruptions, a pressing need for additional developers, and a sense of unfulfilled expectations.

The time had come for a shift, breaking away from the limitations, to seek a solution that would align with their needs and put them on a trajectory for improvement. In their pursuit, the company aimed for a dynamic solution—one that would empower their business and set the stage for success.

Revolutionizing Change with
User-Friendly Ease

AutoPayPlus strategically opted for Creatio. The AI-powered no-code platform appealed to them with its flexibility, autonomy, and adaptability. Creatio’s drag-and-drop editor and composable architecture were just what they needed – a system they could rapidly build and deploy with minimal effort. The company has put their trust in Velvetech as their integration partner and made the transition from the existing system to Creatio.

For AutoPayPlus, servicing their customers is at the heart of their operations. They strive to provide timely updates and notifications regarding payment transactions, ensuring customers are always informed about their financial obligations. This is why right from the start, Velvetech automated all service components by building workflows using Service Creatio. It provided a comprehensive view of the clients, including their history, products in use, management, and AI-powered predictions. To create an automated environment for such workflows, AutoPayPlus and Velvetech designed a case management system in Creatio to efficiently handle customer requests connected with their loan servicing. The service part of the no-code platform is addressing a substantial volume of service tickets, and it has become a cornerstone in facilitating a digital transformation for AutoPayPlus.

Key deliverables:

Centralized Workplace
Automated Business Processes
Integrated Platforms and Services
Improved Customer Journey
Automated Sales Funnel
Effective Partner Collaboration
Measured KPI
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No-Code Creators - Shaping
the Future Through
Affordable Innovation

Carl Moore, Director of CRM and Creatio’s admin, took control of setting up and customizing sales automation processes on his own. Within about a month, he successfully revamped operations and instituted streamlined workflows for lead management, opportunity tracking, and documentation. His efforts have paved the way for the seamless transition of AutoPayPlus’s sales operations into Creatio.

This was achieved in a tremendously short amount of time by embracing composable architecture. Creatio empowers no-code creators like Carl to seamlessly assemble and integrate various ready components, blocks, and apps without the need for coding. By using ready vertical-specific workflows and creating automated processes, AutoPayPlus was able to gain freedom and control.

The rise of citizen developers brings a new era of empowerment and ownership in technology. With a background in business analysis, project management, and data analysis, Carl recognizes the advantages that a no-code platform brings to the table.

There is a reluctance among developers to customize something that isn't truly theirs, and they are hesitant to take ownership of an inherited system. Embracing a no-code architecture not only streamlines the process of ownership and customization but also provides a cost-efficient alternative, mitigating the necessity for a substantial investment in expensive development resources.

Carl Moore
Director of CRM and Data Analytics
at AutoPayPlus

Thanks to the transition to a no-code platform, the company not only reduced costs associated with the system but also expenses linked to hiring specialized programmers.

From Leads to Sales - Moving
Opportunities Through the Pipeline

The company has two main sales channels: one deals with partners like car dealerships that sell AutoPayPlus services, and the other serves individual customers directly. Creatio plays a crucial role in organizing sales activities for both, acting as the central point for everything related to sales.

Creatio is driving support for the sales team to build a complete sales funnel. By effectively managing records and opportunities throughout their pipeline in Creatio, AutoPayPlus can adapt strategies to meet the dynamics of the market. AutoPayPlus can track every stage of its sales process, ensuring that no opportunity is missed or overlooked.

When new leads are registered, opportunities seamlessly integrate with dynamic case management. This comprehensive integration registers encounters, notifications, and various business processes, all meticulously monitored and maintained. The primary goal for the team related to partners’ sales is to ensure that these entities reach their targets, thereby increasing the likelihood of sustained enrollment submissions. Diligent monitoring of these patterns and the data associated with them is essential for mitigating the risk of inconsistent performance. Thanks to Creatio, these processes are automated and effortlessly traceable through prediction, inspection, as well as sales reporting and dashboards.

Operational Excellence
through Seamless Integrations

As the company's business model relies on partnerships with automotive industry entities responsible for selling AutoPayPlus services, the next critical focus area was to enhance support for partner interactions and communication. AutoPayPlus partners submit enrollments through an internal application integrated with Creatio. To streamline this process, crucial information about partners is preconfigured within Creatio.

Upon enrollment through the partner portal, Creatio validates the provided information and seamlessly shares it with the internal application. The enrollment team receives prompt notifications regarding each specific automobile entity and the associated finance and insurance details. Subsequently, following the validation process, the information is entered into the system, and this data is automatically updated in Creatio, ensuring consistent information maintenance across platforms. These seamless integrations ensure a cohesive flow of information, from partner enrollments to internal validation and back to Creatio for maintenance.

Central Hub for Data

Data centralization is a crucial element for any organization aiming to drive innovation and achieve business success. However, for AutoPayPlus it goes beyond simply storing data in a warehouse. The team gradually enhances and pushes the boundaries of their technological landscape. Creatio became not just a data repository but the beating heart of the company’s operations.

Through meticulous ETL three-phase process data is extracted, transformed, and loaded into Creatio, where every piece of client and partner data is not only collected but also harmonized. This approach allows for the creation of detailed 360-degree customer profiles by filling in any gaps and connecting disparate pieces of information. Such comprehensive views are pivotal for informed decision-making and personalized service delivery.

Integrating Creatio with all the applications and existing platforms we use has transformed the way we work. It is not merely a data warehouse or a system of record but rather the centralized hub of information that our agents rely on. Creatio functions as the pivotal center of our operations, steadfastly supporting our team in their duties at every stage of their work.

Carl Moore
Director of CRM and Data Analytics
at AutoPayPlus

Increased Efficiency with
a Omnichannel Communications

Having access to all the information via the 360-degree customer view makes it easy to determine how and when to approach customers. Agents have visibility into all ongoing cases and loans, along with an extensive record of past interactions. This holistic insight ensures timely communication, like automatic SMS reminders about payments, transaction alerts, and other important notifications. Strong and streamlined communication establishes a solid foundation for customers’ trust and satisfaction.

Furthermore, the same comprehensive information regarding partners and interactions with partners is readily accessible to AutoPayPlus regional managers via a mobile app specifically designed for their use during visits to partner locations across the United States. Market area managers, dispersed throughout the country, meticulously log their visits, document activities, and provide detailed notes regarding their communication on site. This data is invaluable for identifying areas that may require additional support or interventions, such as targeting a specific region. Additionally, this data is immediately available to other AutoPayPlus employees, ensuring widespread access to information and enhancing collaboration throughout the organization.

Optimizing Performance Through Streamlined Insights

AutoPayPlus recognizes the role of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in driving informed decisions. By automating data collection and analysis for each KPI, the company ensures that every department has access to metrics specifically tailored to their operational needs. Creatio’s no-code platform simplifies the analysis of achievements, creates predictions of trends, making insights readily available without the cumbersome and time-consuming process of manual report generation.

Transforming Productivity: 40-Hour Monthly Time Saver with Strategic Automation

In the pursuit of time-saving solutions and operational excellence, finding ways that enhance efficiency and precision while minimizing human errors is crucial for AutoPayPlus. Using Creatio, they automated processes, significantly boosting efficiency and streamlining time-consuming tasks across the board.

An exceptional outcome of one of the automations at AutoPayPlus resulted in an unexpected saving of 40 hours a month! It involves streamlining partners’ commissions and processing them with the finance team to provide accurate 1099 tax forms.

Initially, they grappled with the challenge of exhausting data entry. This manual process consumed a significant amount of time but also introduced an 8% error rate. To address this, they applied automation that imported commission files generated from their internal program. The system then automated various steps, including API calls to an external platform, sending SMS notifications to recipients, and logging all transactions.

Furthermore, they took advantage of the Marketplace add-on Excel Reports for custom 1099 template formatting to populate files and pre-fill actual data. The company seamlessly integrated to import the generated file from Creatio, and the system automatically transmitted 1099s to the distribution group, further enhancing efficiency and accuracy. This holistic approach not only saved valuable time but also significantly reduced the error rate associated with manual data entry, providing the finance team with the outcome they needed.

The ability to swiftly assemble and execute processes is invaluable. If you need something, why spend time on manual tasks? We automate it!

Carl Moore
Director of CRM and Data Analytics
at AutoPayPlus

About AutoPayPlus

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, AutoPayPlus is an industry leader in automated biweekly and early loan payoff services for automotive, RV, boat, home and student loans. With five-star ratings on both Google and Trustpilot, AutoPayPlus helps members budget better by matching their loan payments to how they are paid; all while offering them credit protection and avoiding late payment fees. The company also offers dealerships AutoPay+PERKS, an industry-first fintech solution for increasing profits from customer-pay service and boosting customer retention by combining the company’s biweekly loan payment service with the added advantage of a Mastercard debit card at no additional cost to the customer or dealer.

About Velvetech

Velvetech, LLC, based in Chicago, specializes in agile software development for mid-size businesses. The company provides innovative IT solutions, including realtime data platforms, analytics, task automation, and more, across various industries. Their experienced team is ready to support your firm's technology needs.

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