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Axess Groupe Ramps Up Productivity and Operational Efficiency with Creatio No-code Platform

Learn how Creatio’s no-code solutions transformed Axess Groupe’s processes into efficient automated workflows, as explained by Pierre-Alexandre Fuhrmann, Managing Director at Axess Groupe, reducing timelines from days to hours.

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Key Figures


customer interactions per year

3.8 million

cloud subscribers


direct customers

Axess Groupe, a French-based company, specializes in overseeing the digital transformation of companies and public authorities with a comprehensive range of services that guarantee the success of digital projects. While the company is dedicated to offering solutions to others, they recognized the need to elevate their own digital strategies to meet customer needs and to improve efficiency of their operations.

Back in 2018, when Axess Group first implemented Creatio with the help of local partner ProcessFirst, they aimed to streamline communication and enhance productivity in their customer interactions. This was achieved through Creatio’s comprehensive 360-degree customer experience. Upon realizing the potential of a no-code platform, they swiftly began developing an array of solutions, effectively harnessing its power. Axcess Group expanded the utilization of Creatio's functionalities to encompass lead and opportunity management, forecasting, sales, quotation, order and contract management, support, and various other processes.

Creatio implementation for Axess Groupe has been transformative. Supporting Axess Group in streamlining complex processes and witnessing a leap in efficiency demonstrates the incredible potential of no-code. We're proud to support Axess Group in achieving remarkable strides in productivity and operational efficiency.
Olivier de Chantérac
Co-founder & Managing Partner, ProcessFirst

By leveraging Creatio, the company accelerated their operations, achieving a significant boost in productivity that enabled them to slash operational times. By streamlining processes and automating workflows, Axess achieved impressive outcomes, notably improving customer satisfaction.

Our productivity soared and operations received a substantial boost. Thanks to Creatio, we transformed some of our processes from days to hours, marking a significant leap forward in efficiency!
Pierre-Alexandre Fuhrmann
Managing Director at Axess Groupe

Key deliverables


  • Opportunity tracking
  • Customer and contact database
  • Status-based tracking workflow
  • Synchronization of email exchanges
  • Sales actions timing
  • Dashboards
  • Sales follow-up
  • Forecast
  • Sales catalog management
  • Quotations
  • Archaization of pre-sales documents
  • Electronic signature process
  • Automatic input of opportunities
  • Quote export to ERP and contract management module
  • Automated quotation editing

Prospect and Lead Management

  • Follow-up prospecting automation
  • Allocation of a prospect pool to sales representatives
  • Opportunity detection
  • Cold contact - prospecting waves
  • Better follow-up of prospecting campaigns
  • Dispatch process to sales
  • Qualification from need to opportunity
  • Hot contact: response within 48 hours
  • Reduces the risk of lost opportunity thanks to automation

Order Management

  • Contract management
  • Order validation and ERP export
  • Data to feed extraction
  • Management of recurring contract schedules
  • Planning price changes
  • Management of amendments
  • Export schedules to ERP for invoicing
  • Recurring contracts module
  • Database of contractual commitments
  • Automated invoicing of recurring contracts

Technical support

  • Ticketing tool
  • Customer portal for incident and service request entry
  • Classification of requests according to urgency and associated contracts (SLA)
  • Traceability of exchanges with customers
  • Calculation of resolution times and SLA compliance
  • Daily management tool for escalation and team workload management
  • Technical support

ABOUT Axess Groupe

Axess stands as a business-focused digital company, actively engaged in orchestrating the digital transformation of companies and public authorities. Their mission is centered on delivering a comprehensive range of services. The company operates across Software Publishing, Cloud Computing, and Digital Infrastructure Management, alongside providing Services and Value-Added Consulting.

Learn more about Axess Groupe here

ABOUT ProcessFirst

ProcessFirst specializes in supporting businesses in project management, refining business processes, and delivering expertise in CRM for guaranteed project success. As an official integrator, distributor, and partner of Creatio, ProcessFirst’s dedication lies in empowering businesses with the Creatio no-code platform and solutions.

Learn more about ProcessFirst here.

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