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BluePrint Automation (BPA) is a world leader in end-of-line packaging automation. The company designs, develops, and manufactures packaging solutions for flexible and other tough-to-handle packages. Backed by thousands of successful installations in over 60 countries, BPA has three full-service manufacturing facilities in the USA and Europe, an additional facility in China, and ten sales and service subsidiaries worldwide.

BPA has gained a reputation for being an innovator. The constantly evolving customer needs encourage the company to be on a continuous improvement journey and develop more advanced technologies that exceed expectations. BPA sales and engineering teams work closely with their customers to develop the optimal solution for their specific packaging needs, ensuring maximum line productivity.

Key facts

40+ years
of innovation

flexibility and partnership

Thousands of companies in

60+ countries use
BPA solutions

Manufacturing facilities in the

US, Netherlands
and China


Enhanced customer communication
Up to 75% reduction in the time spent on day-to-day activities
Streamlined lead-to-cash conversion

Evolving Need for Digitalization

BPA used to store data in Excel spreadsheets and keep the team informed about the new leads via email. Once the responsible sales rep received the lead info, the tracking of the lead stopped. The company had to rely on the team for further lead processing and the outcomes weren’t always satisfying. Moreover, manual data entry took more working hours than the actual selling process. The lack of centralized customer data had become a significant obstacle on the way to effective customer interactions and building strong relationships. Utilizing primarily a relationship-based selling approach, BPA decided to rethink the way the company operates.

Aiming to reduce human error and optimize customer communication, BPA decided to adopt a CRM solution. The company was searching for a system that would help them streamline customer communication and automate all the stages of the buyer’s journey from the initial interest to the closed-won.

One of the essential requirements was staying self-sufficient in the system navigation. The new technology BPA sought was to be configurable and easy to use for a non-technical employee. After thorough research, BPA chose Creatio’s no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom. The no-code technology allowed company employees to make process changes eliminating the need to hire developers.

Becoming a Data-Driven

The system was implemented with the help of Creatio’s partner Techosystem, who ensured a smooth transition and quick adaptation of the BPA team to the new work environment. Platform flexibility allowed BPA employees to start configuring the processes and building dashboards independently shortly after the implementation. “It was impressive to see how quickly we could adopt the system and implement the desired workflows. The system works exactly the way we want it to work,” says Scott Williams, Regional Sales Manager at BPA.

Creatio platform has become a digital hub for BPA sales and marketing teams. Now customer data and every interaction are logged in the system and easy to track. A holistic customer view enabled intelligent audience segmentation for personalized marketing campaigns resulting in streamlined lead generation. Automated sales workflows outlined each step for sales reps as they progressed through the sales funnel, starting from the lead assignment, ultimately leading to opportunity conversion. The centralized solution significantly contributed to the marketing and sales alignment bringing on a successful lead hand-off process.

All the data is available with the click of a button - sales reps can see what follow-ups they need to make, and managers monitor the opportunities the sales team is working on. Clear visibility into the lead sources helps us better understand what activities and campaigns charge our pipeline and amplify these efforts.
BPA sales reps often present their solutions at industry trade shows. Labor-saving automation saved extra time for the reps to spend in the field attracting prospective customers. Thanks to the mobile application, sales reps can promptly add new contacts to Creatio, and the system will remind them to take the next steps in the sales process.

Data efficiency was one of the key project goals, as such, Techosystem ensured the BPA team could download the required analytics and act on them. Customized dashboards have been developed to provide an instant overview of the sales team’s daily progress and marketing campaign results. The dashboards help the team identify what they need to improve to reach the target.

Additionally, one of the dashboards was created to visualize the quote management process. When the opportunity moves to a particular stage, the sales rep requests a quote. Such an opportunity automatically appears on the Quote Board to provide visibility on the type of quote required, the person working on quote generation, and the timeframe for completion. The dashboards eliminated the time needed to put together on-demand reports while providing managers with full visibility of team performance.

Future Milestones on the Digital Transformation Journey

Having received impressive digital transformation results, BPA is now unstoppable with further improvements. In the foreseeable future, the company will implement document management workflows to automate proposal generation. BPA is also looking to establish seamless integration with their ERP solution to track deal closing through invoicing and calculate commissions for a particular sale directly in Creatio.


Techosystems specializes in bringing people, processes, and technology together to streamline and improve business results. With 15+ years of CRM experience and 20+ years of integration and automation experience, Techosystems has implemented over 100 system implementations of all shapes and sizes. The company uses its experience to provide best practices to ensure customer success.