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Batesville Tool & Die is using Creatio’s No-code Platform to Unlock Sales Efficiencies and Double Down on Opportunities

A global supplier of precision metal stamping components and assemblies shares the benefits it realized since implementing Creatio’s no-code platform

ABOUT Batesville Tool & Die

Batesville Tool & Die is a global supplier of precision metal stamping components and assemblies. They are a full-service supplier with a wide range of capabilities, including tooling, metal stampings, welding, and assembly. What sets the company apart are the technical, hardworking associates that take pride in performing their best in everything they do. These skilled and dedicated professionals at Batesville Tool & Die, Inc. have further leveraged their expertise by embracing modern technology solutions.

The company has successfully harnessed the power of Creatio’s no-code platform to enhance its sales workflows and identify growth opportunities. By using Creatio, they have been able to streamline and optimize their sales operations. This is mainly due to the system's capability to provide easy data analysis. The company can instantly evaluate its sales opportunities in real-time, which empowers them to make swift and well-informed decisions.

More importantly, the manufacturer has made significant efficiency gains through the ability to build personalized programs and reports without needing to consult their IT department. This is a result of the no-code platform that powers all Creatio solutions. The easy-to-use visual interface enables the users to tailor and adjust the system to their specific needs by dragging and dropping pre-made components to fit the bill.

With Creatio, I am able to very easily manipulate the data that’s being pulled into it [the system] and really see in real-time where my opportunities are. I don’t have to go back and talk to my IT department so that I can have something built for me... I can just build my own programs, I can build my own reports, I can see exactly the data that I need so that we can respond quickly and in a timely manner.
Brett Hofer
Batesville Tool & Die, Inc.

The flexibility and autonomy that no-code provides enable Batesville Tool & Die to adapt quickly, leverage growth opportunities, and gain a deeper understanding of its performance metrics. This is a clear demonstration of how leveraging technology can provide a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital business environment.

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