Redefines Operational
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The pioneering company in the beauty industry in the United States, takes
on a transformative journey to revolutionize its operations and relationship
management across its multifaceted business lines with no-code solutions

Key features:

Skin Care Pioneer: Christine Valmy began creating natural skin care in 1944.
First Esthetician School: In 1965, Christine Valmy initiated the first esthetician school in the United States.
Accredited Education: The Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics, Skin Care, and Makeup and Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics & Cosmetology are accredited and offers various courses and certifications in the beauty industry.

A Transforming Journey to Operational Excellence

Christine Valmy is not a typical beauty business, it’s a diverse ecosystem comprised of beauty schools, natural skincare product lines, salon services, and education seminars for licensed professionals. With a rich legacy and history dating back to 1965 as the first esthetics school in the United States, the company has grown and established multiple school locations, offering comprehensive education and professional-grade skincare solutions.

Despite its successful and diverse portfolio spanning across various business branches, Christine Valmy has grappled with the challenge of effectively managing and tracking relationships, which posed challenges for their growth. Christine Valmy’s unique business model required a customizable system capable of adapting to the company’s needs, consolidating information into a transparent hub, and providing detailed insights into their data. The company turned to Creatio, a no-code platform, to automate workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom, aiming to create a unified yet flexible information center. Creatio’s adaptability and extensive integration options aligned perfectly with the organization’s diverse operational needs.

We chose Creatio for its flexibility. Although we are not a large business, we are a complex one with unique, nuanced needs. Creatio is highly customizable to our specific processes and can be adaptable as we grow and change. It’s also a very powerful tool and can do pretty much anything we need with the right configuration!

Erin Silvetti
Chief Marketing Officer at Christine Valmy

Key deliverables:

Centralized Student Relationship Management: Unified platform to manage student interactions.
Streamlined Enrollment Processes: Automation of processes starting from lead nurturing to class roster creation, reducing manual workload and enhancing efficiency.
Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Transparent communication and collaboration among teams for streamlined operations.
Real-Time Insights and Analytics: Access to in-depth organizational data to drive informed decision-making.
Customized Business Processes: Finely tailored workflows, ensuring a perfect fit for complex business requirements.
Strategic Growth Enablement: Actionable intelligence through data analytics to drive strategic growth initiatives and innovation across product sales and education segments.

Streamlining the Success with No-Code Power

Creatio emerged as a catalyst for transformation, empowering Christine Valmy to redefine its processes. The company began collaborating with Creatio experts to address the complexities arising from multiple business divisions and diverse customer segments.

The immediate priority was to enhance support for the schools, where various departments engage with individuals throughout their lifecycle, from student prospects to students to graduates who become professionals. As the teams lacked transparency between customer interactions and each other, it led to data fragmentation and communication gaps. Additionally, they relied on time-consuming manual processes that frequently necessitated updates on changes, leading to significant repetition of data entry.

Christine Valmy and Creatio immediately started working on efficiency by simplifying processes and creating workflows in the system. The objective was clear: streamline student interactions across the entire journey to provide a clear understanding of the stage and students’ needs. Consequently, access to pupils’ data helped optimize interdepartmental communication and collaboration, providing a personalized experience.

Creatio team was extremely involved in ensuring that the platform functioned in a way that supported our business, particularly by customizing our lead nurture track for enrollment advisors to use and configuring the system to maintain rosters of students within our complicated modular course structure.

Erin Silvetti
Chief Marketing Officer at Christine Valmy

From Complexity to Clarity

The migration process began with the import of all the existing data into the no-code platform. Once transferred, the company started customizing their new CRM to address all the complex and wide-ranging requests.

Thanks to its composable architecture and no-code features, Creatio centralized student information and provided a holistic view of customers. Now, all information lives in one space, where users can easily access and track data and changes. Communication is consolidated into the system, which now serves as the go-to hub.

Additionally, by implementing customized workflows, Christine Valmy employees no longer waste time on burdensome or time-consuming tasks, and overall operational efficiency has increased. The centralized hub together with established automated business processes minimized data entry entry and enhanced transparency regarding the status of prospects and students across departments.

Making Decision Through Analytics

Beyond streamlining operations, Creatio One Platform provided invaluable insights into customer behavior and purchase patterns across its various business divisions. The no-code platform’s data collection mechanisms meticulously gather and analyze data on students’ and customers’ preferences, empowering Christine Valmy to monitor trends and allocate marketing resources strategically.

Leveraging its robust data analytics capabilities, Creatio translates complex data sets into user-friendly dashboards, facilitating comprehensive understanding and informed decision-making. This approach revolutionizes student management for Christine Valmy, fostering smoother operations and enabling the organization to stay agile and responsive to evolving market dynamics.

With Creatio, we now have the capability to uncover overlaps between business lines and audiences, as well as analyze purchase behavior patterns, empowering us to tailor our offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.

Erin Silvetti
Chief Marketing Officer at Christine Valmy

Automation that Transformed the Student Experience

Christine Valmy integrated the entire enrollment and student management processes into the no-code platform, and it marks a significant milestone for the company. With this implementation, enrollment advisors can now track the progress of prospects through the lead nurture track, ensuring the timely creation of financial aid records when needed. This streamlines the financial aid team’s initiation of their respective processes within their dedicated nurture track.

Furthermore, when a student reaches the point of readiness to enroll, the enrollment advisor, based on the data analyzed through the system, can select the preferred curriculum, language, schedule, and start date, effectively populating them into a group and establishing a comprehensive class roster. Simultaneously, this pivotal action triggers the generation of a student record within the student’s database, serving as a beacon for the student services team to assume responsibility for nurturing the relationship further.

By leveraging Creatio’s capabilities, Christine Valmy optimizes its enrollment and student management processes, ensuring a seamless experience for both staff and students while laying a solid foundation for long-term relationship nurturing and organizational growth.

Our ultimate goal is making life easier for our teams, equipping them with the information and tools they need to excel in their roles efficiently and seamlessly. We’re dedicated to this pursuit, and seeing it come to fruition is our greatest achievement.

Erin Silvetti
Chief Marketing Officer at Christine Valmy

In essence, Christine Valmy’s exemplifies a journey of innovation and empowerment, transcending traditional boundaries to redefine excellence in the beauty industry. With the power of no-code as its trusted ally, Christine Valmy continues to illuminate the path towards unparalleled success and customer-centricity in the ever-evolving beauty landscape.


Established in 1965, Christine Valmy is a leader in the American beauty industry. Renowned for its commitment to natural skincare and education, the brand offers a diverse range of skincare products, salon services, and educational seminars, shaping the beauty industry with innovation and expertise.

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