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Cornerstone Bank creates meaningful connections with the community through the power of no-code in Creatio

ABOUT Cornerstone Bank

Cornerstone Bank, founded in 2017, is a community bank dedicated to providing high- quality, personal customer service and convenience for individuals, businesses, and community organizations in Central Massachusetts.

But Cornerstone Bank isn't just a typical bank. It serves as living proof of the importance of personal connections. The mission to maintain the human touch has been embedded since its foundation. However, in today’s fast-changing and highly competitive banking industry, relying solely on traditional communication methods and outdated tools is not enough. The organization recognized that their current processes and technology didn't align with its strategy to provide exceptional customer service and a strong connection with the local community. Therefore, they have taken steps to address the shortcomings to align with their mission.

Key deliverables:

  • Unified Customer Data Hub
  • Effective Relationship and Contact Management
  • Integration With The Core Banking System
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns
  • Referral Program Automation

A Journey To an Integrated CRM

Cornerstone Bank was looking for a solution that would allow them to take their customer engagement to a new level and nurture genuine care for the clients. The search began for a tool that could centralize all the data and information scattered across numerous platforms, causing misalignment among their employees and customers. The company needed a CRM capable of seamless integration with the core banking system and other software, while also offering the ability to create essential workflows for their customer service. A system that would provide them with the flexibility to customize without the burden of ongoing maintenance and development costs associated with IT support.

Those needs led them to choose to collaborate with Creatio along with the support from Technology Advisors Inc. as their partner. With the empowering capabilities of a no-code platform, they achieved precisely what they desired – a chance to serve their community more effectively. Creatio accelerates and provides the freedom for automation, incorporates composability, and gives access to technical support provided by the partner.

Developing Better Relationships Through Advancement of Technology

Initially, the primary focus was to establish a functional contact management tool. The existing core banking system lacked the capacity to collect or share customer information among agents and departments. As a result, it didn't sync with the personalized customer care that the company was seeking. Now, Cornerstone Bank uses the power of Creatio no-code platform to manage information and interactions with its customers.

Creatio facilitates the input and access to essential information for client-facing associates. The system's automatic notifications and workflows enhance process organization, ensuring timely actions. Since CRM grants access to relevant information, employees can utilize it to deliver a personal touch, whether it’s following up on a complaint or determining if a customer might require assistance at a bank branch.

Over the past year, following the implementation of Creatio, our associates have entered an impressive 93,000 customer notes into the system. This substantial volume of valuable data empowers us to significantly enhance our customer service.
Sam Mariani
CRM Administrator at Cornerstone Bank

The no-code technology offered by Creatio also addressed the need for an efficiently functioning referral workflow, which is now automated. It enables departments to swiftly collaborate thanks to the access to live information. Prior to this, referrals were managed using multiple systems, depending on the department, which made it challenging to track follow-up actions and determine the outcome.

The company decided to take a step further and utilize Marketing Creatio for further relationship development and community engagement. They use it to send emails to their clients from consumer and commercial segments, monitor marketing campaigns to see the outcomes, and track results. The team is in the process of implementing multiple subscription types for opt-outs and actively enhancing the complexity of their campaigns. The marketing capabilities of Creatio enable the design of full-cycle automation for email marketing campaigns of any complexity and scale. This includes the creation of email templates, conducting A/B test optimizations, and more. Since Marketing Creatio is built on top of a no-code platform, it is easy to configure without requiring special skills, and it is user-friendly.

Having all this information in one place, where we can easily access individual responses, heat maps, and various types of data, is a valuable addition to our core need, which was CRM. Creatio offers exceptional marketing capabilities that are user-friendly, making it an excellent solution addressing one of our business needs, which we weren't expecting looking for a CRM tool.
Sam Mariani
CRM Administrator at Cornerstone Bank

Exploring the power of data with the no-code platform

Before Creatio, the bank struggled to track important numbers and data. The trouble is, that each department has its own way of doing things, which makes it harder to analyze. Additionally, the core banking system was challenging to work with. With custom integration, Cornerstone Bank can now extract data from the core banking system, manipulate it using no-code tools, present the data in an easily readable format, and use workflows to identify any data changes.

The bank uses Starfish ETL connector available on a Creatio Marketplace - an online platform where users can easily find and order a ready-made solution for their business. Starfish ETL connector helps to manage data across systems by tracking changes and updates, automating tasks, and logging data for easy review. As a finishing touch, all this information condensation enables the creation of dashboards with comprehensive metrics and charts to visually represent information, facilitating the measurement of Key Performance Indicators.

Before Creatio, measuring and tracking KPIs and metrics was cumbersome due to the multitude of different systems. However, Creatio now enables us to analyze data effortlessly through dashboards, making it simple and greatly appreciated by managers for its ease of access to the necessary information.
Sam Mariani
CRM Administrator at Cornerstone Bank

Future Plans for Automation and Digitalization

Together with Technology Advisors Inc., they have implemented Creatio through a gradual rollout, progressively expanding software utilization, and they intend to maintain this momentum.

As part of the company’s commitment to creating strong community connections through exceptional customer service support, Cornerstone Bank plans to utilize Creatio’s case management automation capabilities to replace their Helpdesk system. Powered with no- code, case management tools in Creatio will allow Cornerstone Bank to create workflows that will intelligently categorize cases, assign agents and teams, establish timelines for case resolution, and oversee communications during the resolution process.

Cornerstone Bank strongly emphasizes adhering to regulations and implementing protective measures, which is why they plan to utilize Creatio no-code platform development to deal with complaints. The organization intends to replace its older tracking system with Creatio, as complaints within the banking industry are subject to strict regulations, requiring a diligent approach. Creatio provides full visibility into the customer complaints for all teams involved, it streamlines teams' collaboration on single-source data, and formalizes and automates validation processes to accelerate resolution. This will inevitably influence customer satisfaction and foster stronger connections with customers, who will perceive that their complaints are being genuinely addressed with increased speed and care.

The company also aims to enhance the quality of life for its employees by harnessing the automation potential to streamline repetitive tasks that associates are currently required to monitor manually. With Creatio, they aim to establish workflows that will not only serve as a reminder to employees regarding necessary actions, but also automatically assign associates to these tasks and guide them through the process of what needs to be done. This will certainly benefit the associates, leading to increased operational efficiency and a reduction in human errors.

As the system further develops, Cornerstone Bank anticipates uncovering additional business needs and use cases. With Creatio, they will address each of them as they arise.

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