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Creatio 8.0 Atlas — the evolution of the platform with the next-level tools to empower creators to build enterprise applications and workflows with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom. The update is available to all Creatio customers and compatible with previous versions. The release is introducing three major innovations: the Application Hub, the No-Code Designer, and an elevated canvas-style UI designer - Freedom UI.

Application Hub

The Application Hub is a module for managing and orchestrating your applications at each stage of the development lifecycle. It allows users to design and launch new and configure existing applications, have a consolidated view of all available apps, connectors, and templates; manage instances and deployments, access available composable elements, and set up and facilitate the collaborative no-code development process.

The Application Hub Enables Users To:

  • Jump start creating a new application following a guided process in just a few clicks.
  • Have a unified view of all applications in one workplace including custom applications, Creatio CRM products, templates, and connectors available through Creatio’s Marketplace.
  • Manage available instances such as development, testing, and production and perform required deployment operations.
  • Automatically generate package structures, assemble application components, and add dependencies.
  • Organize an invitation process, set up and manage the collaboration of multiple user roles (such as no-code administrators, developers, etc) in a shared environment.
  • Utilize 750+ Creatio Marketplace applications, connectors, and templates, which can be easily deployed and used in the application design process.

No-Code Designer

A no-code development workplace that consolidates, simplifies, and elevates no-code application design tools. The No-code designer includes robust tools to create and modify pages and views, navigation items and sections, data models, workflows, and integrations in a single no-code workplace.

The No-Code Designer also includes access to advanced settings available for professional development teams. The Designer has intuitive navigation and allows no-code developers to have access to all required capabilities in a single place.

The No-Code Designer Provides Users With The Ability To:

  • Add new and configure existing UI pages, and leverage available templates and composable elements for UI design.
  • Create and launch new navigational items and sections.
  • Set up, review, and modify data models for applications.
  • Configure no-code integrations based on SOAP and REST services or select from available ready-to-use Marketplace connectors.
  • Design and launch automated workflows using Creatio’s business process management tools.
  • Access advanced configuration settings for professional developers.

Freedom UI Designer

The Freedom UI Designer empowers no-code developers to build an interface of any type by enabling a maximum degree of freedom. The Freedom UI contains a library of predefined views, widgets, and templates to accelerate the design process.

The new version allows users to apply different UI themes and styles. The Freedom UI is fully adaptable to different screens and devices and complies with modern accessibility requirements.

The Freedom UI Designer Empowers Users To:

  • Create any type of UI page leveraging a broad set of tools for a layout, alignment of UI elements, UI actions and behavior, color schemes, etc.
  • Apply relevant behavior and color schemes to the UI.
  • Accelerate the UI design process with a built-in, extendable library of predefined views, elements, and widgets.
  • Set up the behavior of individual UI elements and their interactions according to specific business logic.
  • Automatically ensure UI adaptability to different screens and devices.
  • Keep your UIs compliant with modern accessibility requirements.

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