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The GuimarãesMunicipal Police

The Guimarães Municipal Police is a special department of the municipal council responsible for supervising citizen compliance with municipal regulations and other legal local authorities. The municipal police force is subject to the regulations of the standard Police, the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities and the Ministry of Internal Administration.

Operationally, it is dependent on the President of the City Council in carrying out its activities of meeting municipal needs which include: surveillance of public places, surveillance of public transport, regulation and inspection of road and pedestrian traffic, etc.

The Guimarães Municipal Police Challenges:

The Guimarães Municipal Police Challenges:

The Guimarães Municipal Police Challenges:

The Guimaraes Municipal Police agents’ daily tasks include many repetitive and labor-intensive duties that proved to be time consuming. Previously, the officers filled out their daily reports at the end of each shift in hard-copy format, which complicated document management and verification. The information was siloed and difficult to access and process. Additionally, shift planning and task distribution lacked automation. Aiming to optimize internal operations and free up the time spent on administrative tasks for fieldwork, Guimaraes Municipal Police started looking for the technology that would help with activity planning and ensure police mobility.

With extensive customization capabilities in mind, the possibility of developing a fully operational platform in just a few months, and the ability to use it on mobile devices for field activities, prompted Guimaraes Municipal police to choose Creatio’s no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with maximum degree of freedom.

The Guimaraes Municipal Police required the following:

The Guimaraes Municipal Police required the following:

  • Centralized and easily accessible information repository
  • Administrative task automation and digitalization of reporting
  • Decrease time spent on labour-intensive and repetitive tasks
  • Mobile app for effective field force management

Creatio low-code/ no-code platform provided the following:

Creatio low-code/no-code platform provided the following:

  • A centralized data repository with real-time access from any device
  • Automatic distribution of services, determining work teams and tasks assignment
  • Field force management with the ability to timely check the tasks assigned and register cases on-site via mobile devices
  • Automatic completion of digital reports and their verification
  • Ability to collect information through photos, voice reporting, and georeferencing, facilitating the process and reducing time spent
  • KPIs analysis and reporting to simplify data visualization and evaluation

Business outcomes

Up to 75% reduction

in administrative work for agents in vehicles and shift managers

Real-time information

on assigned tasks and registered cases

80% reduction

in the time needed to prepare case information

This technological innovation project of the municipal police of Guimaraes gave us more than the gains in productivity and effectiveness of agents in their daily tasks. The Municipal Council of Guimaraes is now at the forefront of digital transformation in the Public Administration sector. We reinforced the leadership position of the municipality among the initiatives developed as a part of the Smart Cities project.

Ricardo Machado

IT Director – Guimaraes City Council

Creatio platform helped the Municipal Police automate their administrative and field tasks, digitize reporting, in turn, free up agents for fieldwork because of the time saved. With the Creatio platform and mobile app, agents of the Municipal Police gained greater information reliability in planning stopovers, minimizing errors, and automating labour-intensive tasks that offered little value to the community.

The system was implemented by the Creatio partner

imDigital is a consulting company whose mission is to support organizations in their transition to the digital market. The company helps to streamline processes while improving communication and relationship with customers with a solid technological nature.

The services and solutions imDigital offer to customers focus mainly on two areas: Digital Transformation and Business Process Management, intending to redesign their business models, process automation, and customer experience satisfaction.

The municipal police had a set of needs identified with our IT department. We required a solution to help us plan and manage our daily activities, especially the administrative ones. imDigital, as an innovation partner, helped us with the redesign of our organizational model, with the optimization and automation of processes, and with the digital transformation of the Guimaraes municipal police operations.

Daniel Oliveira

Head of Guimaraes Municipal Police Division