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is Redefining Travel Experiences with Creatio’s No-code Power

ABOUT Namu Travel Group

Established in 1999, Namu Travel Group stands as Central America’s leading online travel agency. The company specializes in creating personalized, boutique vacation experiences, with a primary focus on serving customers from the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. The company offers excursions to Central America’s most unique destinations.

Key outcomes:

Company Features:

24 years
years in the business
Four brands:
Costa Rican Vacations, Panama Vacations, Nicaragua Vacations, and Fishing Vacations
customer’s request monthly
Selling over
9000 trips for more than 25,000 travelers
to Central America yearly

Key deliverables:

  • Streamlined and automated workflows.
  • Reduced quote turnaround time.
  • Dashboards with key sales indicators.
  • Centralized information management system.
  • Enhanced collaboration across departments.

Optimizing Processes: «What gets measured, gets managed»

The year 2020 made the demand for traveling far from ideal. But after a considerable dip, the industry bounced back and exceeded pre-pandemic levels. This change called for a swift response from Namu Travel Group, requiring them to kickstart their operations and begin hiring to meet the soaring demand for their customer’s long-awaited dreams.


The company knew it was coming before the market took notice and acted. Namu Travel Group has been harnessing the power of data to stay on top of the game. The company’s operational strategy focuses on a continuous cycle of observing, measuring, analyzing, and responding to data insights. Close monitoring of customer interests through web tracking enabled them to spot customer behavior shifts and stay ahead of the competition, allowing Namu Travel to leap into action before others seized the opportunity. This is a result of extensive data integrations and the no-code architecture provided and implemented by Creatio One Platform, which serves as a comprehensive information management hub, delivering in-depth analysis and reporting at their fingertips.

Workflows built into our operations and data consolidation equip us with the intelligence needed to act swiftly and strategically. With Creatio by our side, Namu Travel ensures that every interaction is finely tuned, quickly approached and that every decision is backed by data-driven insights, propelling us ahead in the competitive landscape.
Casey Halloran
Co-Founder of Namu Travel Group
Casey Halloran
Co-Founder of Namu Travel Group

Harnessing the No-code Platform’s Speed Potential

Namu Travel has been using Creatio since 2015 and made significant progress in utilizing the power of the no-code platform. Last year, they underwent a transformative project aimed at shifting most processes from a code-based framework to no-code, resulting in substantial improvements in interdepartmental collaboration. Today, Namu Travel is leveraging the no-code approach across various use cases, like deduplication, sending reminders and notifications, processing sales opportunities, automated lead generation and distribution.

Their current priority is maximizing speed, recognizing that clients require rapid attention in this fast-paced environment. Every process adjustment is aimed at accelerating response time, thereby minimizing bottlenecks. With no-code, these changes are completed faster. Thanks to the flexibility and customization capabilities that Creatio offers, Namu Travel can swiftly implement changes that would otherwise require developer involvement and will increase production time. And now, having a local partner – BeGlobal - that easily communicates with the team and helps configure the system, they can move even quicker.

Namu Travel approach to speed maximization

Customers experience increased speed in the form of responsiveness. Creatio’s CRM suite empowers Namu Travel to understand clients’ needs and respond promptly via an integrated communication platform, delivering tailored solutions quickly. It also provides employees with comprehensive information, allowing agents to act accordingly and manage issues. The grading system directs incoming cases to their respective destinations and speeds up the processing time.

From the employee’s perspective, Creatio’s CRM leads them through the streamlined information and workflows built into the system, allowing to navigate tasks without hesitation. It serves as one source of information that empowers fast decision-making and drives the team to capitalize on opportunities without delay. Additionally, it serves as a motivational tool and milestone celebration, with gamification elements that uplift effectiveness and KPI achievements.

The Marketing team utilizes Creatio’s extensive functions for multichannel lead generation and management. They use automation to categorize leads and direct them to appropriate teams. Namu Travel tracks and adjusts marketing activities based on the pipeline, focusing on identifying the most promising opportunities. Multiple workflows are designed to automate marketing campaigns and customize messages, enabling better personalization and faster conversion rates.

Most significantly, speed fuels sales. Creatio dashboards and forecasting features identify the most promising opportunities swiftly. This information empowers agents to reach potential clients faster and with laser precision, ultimately leading to accelerated sales and conversions.

When No-Code Becomes the Core of the Business

For Namu Travel, their business has evolved, and no-code has become a fundamental component of their core processes. The adaptability allowed them to tailor Creatio to their sophisticated business model and foster innovation from within, with citizen developers contributing fresh ideas and solutions. Furthermore, the system became a central hub of information, seamlessly integrating data from various other sources. In addition to its informational role, the system also acts as a vigilant guardian, promptly alerting them to any deviations or issues that may arise, ensuring operational stability and security.

Having one software system that works for you, one that allows customization and adjustment, is great! Being able to tailor it to our specific business needs is my favorite thing about Creatio. We love to experiment and innovate, and Creatio allows us to do just that. Whether it’s trying out new processes or integrations, it offers the potential for exploration and growth.
Luke Angus
Sale Manager at Namu Travel Group
Luke Angus
Sale Manager at Namu Travel Group

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