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Ringler is powering
digital workflow automation
with Creatio’s no-code platform

How Everybody Wins with Ringler

Ringler is the largest and oldest settlement planning company in the US. The team of 150 consultants work across 70 offices throughout the country. Ringler uses structured settlement annuity plans along with other financial products as tools to provide spendthrift protection and tax-free advantages that are beneficial for all parties involved in personal injury cases.

Innovation to Drive Growth

In pursuit of company growth, Ringler needed a solution that could properly track partner interactions, manage incoming cases, and align accounting procedures. For this, Ringler decided to embark on a journey for digital transformation to update technology and move the company into the future.

The large-scale digital transformation project required substantial changes in IT infrastructure: replacing aging applications with advanced solutions and shifting data storage to the cloud. This approach would allow Ringler to scale as necessary, manage staffing costs, maintain best-in-class security, and confidently interface with partners and clients.

Of the many undertakings tackled by Ringler, the critical aspects of the digital transformation project were designated to Creatio.

Multiple solutions under Creatio umbrella

Creatio’s no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with maximum degree of freedom has become the front-end of the Ringler application suite combining five systems into one seamless experience. The platform fulfills all the requirements of Ringler's operations: managing product lines for structured settlements, managing referrals, generating quotes for life insurance companies, calculating commissions, and processing payments.

Applying Creatio’s no-code capabilities, Ringler created custom case management workflows that guide users through all the stages of a settlement planning journey, from the initial referral to the sale of the structured settlement annuity. A new referral is registered as a case. The system makes all the required calculations to select the most suitable product for the customer and runs a business process to estimate commissions for all parties involved. Then, through integration with the document management system, Creatio generates a proposal for the customer. Meanwhile, all data is collected on the back-end due to the integration with Power BI."Now, when consultants want to know what their commission is for a particular sale, they can see the data in Creatio even though it's coming from our accounting system. Similarly, when they make a payment in the accounting system, it is shown in Creatio", said Butch Knowlton, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer of Ringler

Consolidation of numerous applications onto one platform that fuels workflow automation has evolved into a bespoke solution for Ringler. Owing to Creatio’s out-of-the-box capabilities, Ringler didn’t have to start building workflows from scratch and could gradually add required workflows as needed. Furthermore, the low-code/no-code nature of the platform eliminated the need to rely heavily on developers.

“The costs from a development and new project perspective are substantially smaller because we're starting with a base application capability. Creatio has bent over backwards to work with us on the customization. At the end of the day, we're able to configure our outcomes.”

Butch Knowlton

Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer of Ringler

As security requirements heavily regulate the insurance industry, one of the enhancements for the application suite was setting up permissions within Creatio. Hence, each local office can only access their data and do not have access to other offices’ cases, clients, or financial figures.

Indispensable assistant to drive innovation

Ringler focuses on fully adopting new technology and shifting the employees' mindset to continuous innovation as it provides additional opportunities for excellence in customer experience and business growth. The Creatio platform has become an indispensable tool for Ringler's digital transformation, helping turn new ideas into efficient workflows that accelerate the path towards company goals.

“Creatio has been fantastic to work with in terms of providing resources and solutions, focusing on implementation and us as a customer. The Customer Success team literally does everything for our success.”

Butch Knowlton

Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer of Ringler

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