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Builds Cohesive Operational Environment with Creatio’s No-Code Platform

Rust-Oleum’s story unfolds as the company transforms organizational processes and ignites operational efficiency across all departments

Key figures:

  • Established in 1921
  • Turnover of over 1 billion USD
  • 1000+ employees
  • Offices and factories in 10 countries

Key deliverables:

  • Centralized customer information
  • Automated lead-to-revenue cycles
  • Streamlined sales reporting and visit tracking
  • Optimized and enhanced operations

A Legacy of Innovation and Passion for Improvement

Rust-Oleum has a unique and inspiring history driven by a passion for improvement since its foundation. In 1921, sea captain Robert Fergusson noticed that fish oil prevented rust from forming on his ship’s metal deck. Working with a chemist, Fergusson developed one of the world’s first rust-preventive paints and Rust-Oleum was born. Since its establishment, the company has expanded its presence internationally, marking the continuation of a history filled with success and innovation.

Digital Transformation with Creatio's Synergy of Gen AI and No-Code

Embarking on a digitalization journey, Rust-Oleum, known for its excellence in creating innovative products, demonstrates a dual commitment: crafting groundbreaking solutions and fostering a culture of continuous innovation. However, as Rust-Oleum ventured deeper into their digital transformation, they encountered significant hurdles that threatened to impede their commitment to innovation and excellence.

The company faced challenges with decentralized data management, as information was dispersed not only within department silos but also across different units utilizing disparate tools. The primary goal of introducing a CRM system was to consolidate customer information, but the company wanted a system that could go beyond just CRM capabilities.

Rust-Oleum sought a quick, easy-to-deploy solution tailored to their dynamic sales, marketing, and service needs. One that is flexible, intuitive and could seamlessly align with their unique workflows and requirements. In this pursuit, Creatio’s no-code platform to automate workflows with a maximum degree of freedom emerged as the ideal solution, effectively meeting these requirements. Creatio sets itself apart by harnessing cutting-edge technology, including AI-assisted no-code development, making it a dynamic and forward-thinking choice. The implementation expertise of Evoqia, their implementation partner, further solidified this strategic decision, positioning Creatio as a solution that promises not only freedom but also a technological edge to navigate the pursuit of excellence.

Off to a Good Start – Launching Creatio with EU-wide Marketing Campaign in Just a Month

In late September, the partnership kicked into high gear, launching Rust-Oleum's ambitious mission: to spearhead a massive EU-wide lead generation marketing campaign, setting a powerful precedent as the first venture with the newly adapted system. The implementation of Creatio was both rapid and efficient. In just a month, Rust-Oleum launched the system, taking full advantage of Creatio's innovative no-code composable architecture. It provided over 100 reusable business components, allowing the company to choose and tailor unique solutions swiftly. As a result, the implementation process was smooth and user-friendly. With seamless integration of customer data and all marketing components in place, the online campaign began in November, leading to remarkable success.

This campaign was my first experience with Creatio and it was both exciting and insightful. Almost immediately, I was able to demonstrate its flexibility and user-friendly nature, swiftly proving to the management that this tool is not only powerful but also remarkably easy to navigate. It was truly a successful initial case

Geert Bruninx
Digital Marketing Manager at Rust-Oleum

With Creatio Rust-Oleum can enable lead-to-revenue automated cycles. This includes capturing and providing a 360-degree view of contact and account data, along with engagement history across the entire customer journey.

Campaign management features in Creatio execute and track marketing campaigns and projects of any complexity. Leveraging a rich visual campaign designer and intuitive analytics, users can efficiently manage and monitor their marketing initiatives.

From Manual Process to a Streamlined Powerhouse of Productivity

The marketing campaign's success marked the start of fully integrating all marketing processes into Creatio, which was fully accomplished only a couple months later.

Previously, the process of handling leads required manual assignment by the marketing department to various representatives for follow-up. However, with the current system in place, all website forms automatically generate leads in Creatio. These leads are then assigned to the appropriate stakeholders, streamlining the process of allocation to sales or other relevant departments. This significantly enhances efficiency and enables comprehensive insights.

As a marketer, I recognize the pivotal role the lead generation plays. It used to be a labor-intensive task for us. Now, with Creatio, each form autonomously generates a lead, effortlessly categorized by specific qualifiers based on variables. This seamless process, extending from sales to other departments, elevates efficiency, transforming what was once intricate into a streamlined powerhouse of productivity

Geert Bruninx
Digital Marketing Manager at Rust-Oleum

Creatio enabled users to run omnichannel marketing campaigns, streamline lead generation workflows, and oversee end-to-end automation. Its user-friendly yet advanced features facilitate the tracking and execution of marketing campaigns, coupled with intuitive analytics. Thanks to those capabilities marketing has undergone a remarkable transformation.

In addition, enhanced by advanced analytics, Creatio's extensive features allowed for smooth data exchange, giving Rust-Oleum the ability to efficiently manage, examine, and utilize customer information. This led to better strategic decision-making.

Ditching Spreadsheets to Boost Sales Efficiency

The evolution of sales operations has also undergone significant changes, particularly in sales reporting and visit tracking. In the past, sales representatives relied on manual entry into Excel spreadsheets to monitor visits and record their outcomes, which were then sent to managers for review. However, this method consumed time and lacked efficiency, burdening managers with the dual challenge of reviewing spreadsheets and hindering their ability to draw conclusions and make strategic decisions. This challenge caused delays in obtaining up-to-date information, ultimately leading to difficulties in maintaining an organized customer history.

With Creatio’s workflow automation tools, Rust-Oleum streamlined the sales reporting process, minimizing manual efforts and enhancing efficiency. Now, sales activities are registered seamlessly, eliminating the need for extensive discussions and manual interventions in the reporting activities. In addition to this streamlined workflow, the incorporation of user-friendly dashboards and reports within Creatio has further empowered the sales team. Sales metrics are easily accessible and traceable, providing a comprehensive overview of performance. This enhancement not only ensures real-time insights but also contributes to a more informed decision-making process within the sales operations team.

Empowering Operations and Transforming Customer Experiences Through a Holistic View

As the final step of the Creatio implementation, Rust-Oleum decided to transform their customer service by using Service Creatio, an AI-powered full-cycle service management platform. Right from the outset, Creatio provided Rust-Oleum with a 360 view of customer data as Marketing, Sales, and Service are all built on one no-code platform. The automation tools provided by the platform enabled efficient case routing, prediction, and prioritization. With the implementation of Service Creatio, Rust-Oleum automated its customer service workflows, integrated an intelligent contact center, and streamlined case management, reaping significant benefits. This system streamlined the management of customer requests and complaints, while centralizing communications for better control over both inbound and outbound channels. It also established a structured approach to case processing, allowing for effective prioritization and detailed consideration of various factors. The customization provided by Creatio went beyond standard CRM capabilities, offering tailored solutions to meet specific needs.

Additionally, through the integration of Creatio, team members gain effortless access to this information via mobile or tablet devices. This accessibility empowers them to advise on solutions to customers right on the spot, eliminating the need to navigate through various systems. The amalgamation of technical expertise and advanced reporting tools ensures that the Technical Service department at Rust-Oleum is well-equipped to provide timely and tailored solutions, meeting the diverse needs of various projects with efficiency and precision.

Within Rust-Oleum's customer service team, the Technical Service department stands as a vital component, playing a central role in advising on diverse project inquiries with best-suited solutions. For example, they can offer valuable guidance to a client seeking to purchase paint for a specific structure, such as a bridge located in a challenging meteorological environment prone to rapid rust buildup. Creatio significantly enhances the team’s capabilities to provide personalized solutions. This is possible by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the most frequently recommended product types, the unique characteristics of products or solutions, their distribution across different countries, and variations throughout the year. The meticulous process of gathering this valuable data involves intricate customization, including the integration of databases and the establishment of automated analysis procedures.

Another advantage of using Service Creatio lies in its ability to streamline internal processes, especially in managing customer communication. This has been particularly beneficial for the sales team at Rust-Oleum, who often faced challenges while on the road due to a lack of real-time access to data. By implementing Creatio, all cases, conversations, and complaints are now seamlessly linked to specific customers, providing the sales department effortless access to customer details during on-site visits through a mobile app. This enables them to identify and address any open issues before meetings, ensuring proactive and informed interactions.

Raising the Bar with Exceptional Service Spanning Over Europe

With exceptional performance and notable operational improvements, the company made the strategic decision to expand beyond the Benelux region and France, implementing Creatio's platform in the UK region as well. This initiative has successfully brought all departments and facilities across the company's various locations under the umbrella of Creatio, creating a cohesive and integrated operational environment.

About Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum, founded in 1921 in the United States, specializes in manufacturing innovative paints for both professional users and consumers. Producing over 100 million items annually, Rust-Oleum holds the distinction of being the world's largest producer of paint aerosols. The company is a subsidiary of RPM International, a multinational corporation with a market value of $7.3 billion. RPM International's subsidiaries are renowned global leaders in specialty coatings, sealants, building materials, and related services.


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