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Strathclyde Business School's Pursuit of Excellence: Driving Strategic Relationships via Creatio No-code Platform

Learn how Strathclyde Business School is using no-code to develop an advanced system for managing relationships with their partners and students, paving the way for streamlined operations and excellence

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Key deliverables:

Strategic Relationship Management System:
A sophisticated system designed to optimize relationship management strategies, store data, and provide solutions for fostering meaningful connections with students and partners.
Information Hub:
A streamlined repository designed to centralize and organize key information, creating a hub that empowers efficient and informed decision-making.
Advanced No-code Workflow Automation Capabilities:
Easy design and customization powered by no-code for better flexibility.
Comprehensive In-Depth Reporting:
Detailed analytics and insightful data to guide strategic decision-making.
Seamless Outlook Integrations:
Designed for operational excellence, this feature ensures a smooth and effortless system transition for employees, enhancing overall productivity and communication efficiency.
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Strathclyde Business School, committed to creating valuable academic legacies, recognized the need to update its day-to-day processes in response to the rapidly evolving technological landscape. This led to a focused effort on improving its operations, particularly in relationship management.

The school realized the necessity of creating a centralized infrastructure for information management, relationship building, and improving communication. They required a system that would align with the university’s goal to achieve operational excellence and build strategic partnerships, leading Strathclyde Business School to opt for Creatio’s robust CRM system.

With the power of no-code, Strathclyde Business School easily adapted and swiftly implemented a user-friendly platform, avoiding extra workload for their IT team, cultivating internal capacities to spearhead organizational change and innovate effortlessly. The ability to build automated business processes has expedited the enhancement of their relationship management with students, partners, and internally.

Being able to play around with new advancements in the system and contemplate how they can positively impact my role in managing strategic relationships has been a delight.

Camila Zrein,
MBA External Engagement Officer
at Strathclyde Business School

About Strathclyde business school

The University of Strathclyde Business School, founded in 1948, is a pioneering and internationally renowned academic organization that shapes and develops the business minds of tomorrow. It is one of four faculties forming the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

The school's subject departments and specialist units collaborate to offer a diverse range of specialist and cross-disciplinary courses. International centers have been established in Greece, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Singapore, where degrees such as the Strathclyde MBA are offered.

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