Transformative Power of No-Code for Constituent Service & Legislative Tracking

Discover the story of how a Senator from Maryland transformed operational efficiency in his office in less than six months using the power of the Creatio No-Code Platform

Senator J.B. Jennings is an American politician who has been serving in the Maryland Senate since 2011. He embodies resilience, dedication, and a profound sense of duty in serving the people of Maryland. Long an advocate of leveraging IT for better constituent service, he recognized the transformative potential of no-code technology for streamlining office workflow and helping constituents with their needs.

Even though it had a highly capable home-grown application, the Senator's office faced challenges due to a need for increased scalability and improved security.

Seeking to streamline office workflow on a unified platform, Jennings sought assistance from Keen360. The company introduced the Creatio platform, demonstrating how it could enhance constituent service while reducing administrative burdens for staff. Creatio offered what Jennings was looking for: easy-to-use no-code tools for workflow automation without the need for extensive coding knowledge or resources. In addition, Creatio provided cloud-based service that complies with leading security practices. Creatio's integration partners, Keen360, swiftly implemented the new system in less than six weeks to support the legislative session that was commencing.

Creatio turned out to be a comprehensive tool that handles a diversity of tasks from a unified platform. It efficiently managed various functions, including processing correspondences for constituent services, tracking the progress of legislative bills, maintaining complex relationship data structures, and generating reports for the Senator and his leadership staff to monitor office operations and service delivery.

Key delivered no-code solutions:

and Tracking

A full model of the legislative branch (chambers, offices, caucuses, delegations, committees, districts, sessions, and bills) and the executive branch (constitutional offices, governor’s team, boards, cabinet and independent agencies), with the capability to track legislation throughout its lifecycle.


Fields and automation that capture constituent/citizen information specific to the legislative and political domains, such as demographic and voting information, positions on legislative bills, VIP communications, and more.


Mapped relationships between organizations and individuals to promote collaboration, such as advisors and advisees, connections that prevail in the legal and advocacy domains, and board members with their respective boards.


Automation to expedite up-front data entry (for example, entering zip code, then the city and state are populated automatically) and ongoing data management (to avoid the creation of dublicates in the system).


Email and case management via queues, automation, and dashboards to boost staff efficiency and constituent experience.


Service dashboards bring attention to items that have been languishing or aging for too long a time.

The senator's office continues to use Creatio as an indispensable tool for delivering outstanding constituent service in a resource-constrained office that especially relies on the Creatio system during the hectic legislative session.


Keen360 is a specialized consultancy that helps clients to improve performance of their customer-facing or citizen-facing operations by providing advisory, integration, and support services. Keen360 is a certified 100% minority-owned business and Creatio integration partner with focusee on the industries of Life Sciences, Professional Services, and Public Sector.

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