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Sofrilog's Precision Revolution: Igniting Data-Driven Operational Excellence with Creatio's No-Code Platform

Explore the success story of how Creatio's no-code platform was adopted by Sofrilog, a dynamic company specializing in the transportation of refrigerated goods and cold storage solutions, to drive operational empowerment

About Sofrilog

Sofrilog is a leading expert in logistics and cold storage and transportation. The company has established a firm presence in France and expanded its operations globally into Morocco and Europe. As a family-owned enterprise, Sofrilog remains dedicated to delivering exceptional service to its clientele, maintaining a commitment to daily operational excellence.

Key facts

Successfully running
the business for 70 years
40 cold stores
Serving Europe’s
largest grocery stores

Key deliverables:

  • Informed decision-making via forecasts
  • Integrated sales data from the ERP system
  • Tailored dashboards for specific sales tracking and deployment needs
  • Corporama integration to enhance sales strategies with comprehensive data insights

Navigating Digital Transformation with Creatio CRM

In the world of cold storage and transportation, Sofrilog stands as an example of commitment to excellence. The company’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of their customers reverberates through every link in the supply chain. Yet, as expectations swelled and the industry's landscape evolved, the quest for a solution that could match their ambition intensified.

In 2019, Sofrilog set out in search of a system that could embody their vision of adaptability and innovation. This led them to Creatio, a platform renowned for its composable no-code tools and flexible CRM that empowers businesses with the freedom to own their automation. Teaming up with ProcessFirst as their partner and integrator and armed with Creatio to accelerate their sales processes, they embarked on a collaborative journey to revolutionize how Sofrilog navigates the evolving industry landscape.

Boosting Sales with Operational Change and Data Prowess

At first, the company focused on meeting the needs of its sales teams, aiming to boost overall performance by centralizing information for its employees and integrating various operational aspects into a unified platform. With the help of CRM Creatio, Sofrilog seamlessly connected its ERP system and imported sales data into Creatio. The company harnessed the platform’s automation capabilities to build workflows, seamlessly consolidating data to efficiently generate reports, summaries, dashboards, and up-to-date forecasts. It was a dream come true for the sales team, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Adopting Creatio by our Sales Team was crucial. It quickly resulted in real and tangible outcomes we urgently needed.
Sébastien Bossard
VP of Sales at Sofrilog

Impressed by the transformative enhancements brought about by the no-code platform, including seamless consolidation of customer data, automated lead and opportunity workflows, data extraction made into summaries for the sales team, and an overall boosted collaboration, Sofrilog decided to utilize Creatio further by extending its usage to the site managers. For them, data management plays a crucial role in operational enhancement. Real-time access to critical information is imperative for site managers’ daily operations and decision-making.

Gen AI-infused automation provides guidance and recommendations on how to design and automate workflows to maximize business outcomes. Those capabilities can significantly impact specific sales tracking and deployment requirements, facilitating informed decision-making. By leveraging Creatio’s dashboards and comprehensive forecasting capabilities, companies gained profound insights and in-depth knowledge from data analysis.

From Efficiency to Operational Empowerment

However, the company's strategic move wasn't limited to harnessing the potential of data. It soon became evident that Sofrilog could harness the platform capabilities effectively in other areas as well. The company swiftly expanded Creatio usage and implemented new user profiles, fostering widespread acceptance within the organization. This expansion set the stage for the next crucial step: ensuring user engagement and active involvement from general management, which proved pivotal in this journey.

Guided by ProcessFirst and equipped with Creatio’s no-code platform, this collaboration was more than software implementation, it was a story of empowerment. Sofrilog's sales team discovered vigor and agility, armed with tools that went beyond efficiency to embrace innovation. The company embarked on a journey toward unparalleled adaptability and customer-centricity, all woven into Sofrilog's commitment to excellence.

Creatio has become an integral component of our global sales strategy, and it is growing within and alongside the Sofrilog organization.
Sébastien Bossard
VP of Sales at Sofrilog

ABOUT ProcessFirst

ProcessFirst specializes in supporting businesses in project management, refining business processes, and delivering expertise in CRM for guaranteed project success. As integrators, distributors, and partners of cutting-edge software, their dedication lies in empowering businesses with innovative no-code solutions. ProcessFirst is an official partner and integrator of Creatio.

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