Powering Scalability for Online Car Auctions with Creatio No-Code Platform

Explore how Sotheby’s digital transformation, empowered by composable architecture and powerful customization, has paved the way for success and growth in online car auctions

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Key Outcomes:

Scalable Solution: Easily expandable operations without the need for additional systems and administration
Streamlined Auction Space: Unified platform to streamline and simplify auction processes
Increased Efficiency: Automated tasks and communications
Easy Customization: Tailored workflows to deliver a bespoke auction experience

Leveraging Composability for Excellent Online Auction Experience

Stepping into the world of online auctions, Sotheby’s realized that success demanded a modern approach. It depended not only on the caliber of the cars they sold but also on their capability to manage online auctions efficiently.

They aimed to deploy a system that would become a solid foundation yet be flexible enough to customize without overwhelming complexity. Choosing the right technology was crucial for delivering a seamless online auction experience and ensuring a smooth administration of the process. Creatio’s No-Code Platform with composable architecture and extended AI functionality, emerged as the perfect fit, enabling Sotheby’s to thrive in this new venture.

Priming for Scalability Through Unlimited Customization

The auctioneer strategically chose Creatio as their platform to ensure the freedom to own their automation, customization and to facilitate future scalability. Sotheby’s looked ahead and recognized the importance of building an auction system without relying on a separate administration, and technology development site. Creatio outperformed other available options on the market due to one crucial selling point: ease of scalability. Unlike its competitors, Creatio offers seamless scalability without the need for manual work, coding, or substantial migration efforts.

What truly appealed to Sotheby’s was the user-friendly nature of Creatio’s customization tools. Its versatile, composable architecture allows the utilization of various pre-built components. Creatio’s endless flexibility and adaptability come with ready-to-use templates that are effortless to adjust to fit Sotheby’s needs. Additionally, Creatio empowered their team to bring business rules to life and create workflows independently, eliminating the need for external support. This foundation became the cornerstone for driving their new venture towards success.

Scalability isn’t just about meeting today’s needs, it’s about envisioning tomorrow’s success. When considering the future growth, solutions like Creatio offer the flexibility to adapt and thrive. From onboarding new employees to managing complex permission structures, it’s about laying the groundwork today for the successes of tomorrow.

Shane Henderson
Director of Operations at Sotheby’s Motorsport

Building Car Auction Listings with No-Code Integrations

With Creatio as the backbone, Sotheby’s began working towards building the online auction system. Creatio’s trusted integration partner, Techosystem, took charge of implementing and customizing the platform within Sotheby’s operations. With the help of no-code, various systems and information were seamlessly linked, thereby centralizing operations within a single hub. The system’s connection with Sotheby’s website enables the creation of comprehensive auction listing pages directly from Creatio. This functionality encompasses adding various description fields, uploading hundreds of photos, videos, and more, all while efficiently managing different auction components in a structured manner. These listings effectively showcase the cars and auction details, providing users with a fully immersive online auction experience. The ability to build and manage auctions without requiring a separate administrative site promotes scalability and flexibility.

The ability to customize with ease was monumental! We felt empowered with the freedom to customize extensively, without the burden of complexity. Techosystems assisted us in adjusting case flow order, permissions, profiles, or tasks, and the process was remarkably swift and seamless. In just minutes, we could transform our workflow with ease.

Shane Henderson
Director of Operations at Sotheby’s Motorsport

Streamlining Auction with Advanced Automation

Sotheby’s automates a diverse range of tasks, from car cataloging to buyer communication, with tailored workflows ensuring seamless auction processes. For instance, task assignment to specialists is automated based on expertise and availability, ensuring optimal handling of each auction aspect. Moreover, a comprehensive set of rules directs the workflow, heightening overall efficiency while mitigating the risk of errors. The system mandates the completion of essential fields prior to advancing to subsequent stages, thereby upholding data integrity and precision. These features enable meticulous configuration and adjustment of various elements, such as case flow order, permissions management, and diverse user profiles and assignments—all seamlessly integrated within a no-code composable platform.

With Creatio, we can navigate cases dynamically, orchestrating workflows seamlessly. From creating mandatory fields for smooth progression to configuring permissions tailored to specific profiles like auction specialists, it’s akin to painting by the numbers. These functionalities, already in place and easily programmable, empower us to streamline operations effortlessly.

Shane Henderson
Director of Operations at Sotheby’s Motorsport

Customer-Centric Auction Experience

The new system plays a pivotal role in efficiently managing contacts and communications associated with auctions. It manages leads, provides automated onboarding workflows for car sellers and buyers, and overall ensures a user-friendly and hassle-free experience. This streamlined process guarantees transparent correspondence and data flow, resulting in superior customer experience.

Moreover, Creatio integrates seamlessly with Sotheby’s Outlook for efficient email communication. Messages are automatically dispatched to customers at key junctures, offering updates on their assigned auction specialist, the status of their listing, and other crucial information. For instance, prior to the auction listing going live, a draft is forwarded to the seller for review, thus ensuring accuracy.

In a comprehensive approach to communication, the call logging feature empowers agents to record and monitor each client interaction, ensuring that all inquiries and concerns are promptly and comprehensively addressed. As inquiries or concerns arise, specialists can record and track every interaction, guaranteeing that clients receive timely and exhaustive responses. This level of transparency and professionalism further solidifies Sotheby’s reputation for excellence.

Through these strategic enhancements, Sotheby’s redefines what it means to be customer-centric in the digital age. By prioritizing clear communication and efficient management, they have not only elevated customer service standards but also established a new benchmark for customer service excellence in the industry.

This entire process represents a highly customized solution meticulously crafted on the foundation of Creatio. Sotheby’s has leveraged Creatio to align their operations precisely with their unique requirements, ensuring the successful execution of their 100% online car auctions and providing an excellent experience for both buyers and sellers.


Sotheby’s is an esteemed international network of auction houses headquartered in New York, with its roots tracing back to its founding in London in 1744. Their new joint-venture, Sotheby’s Motorsport, stands as an online auction platform for cars, marking a collaborative effort between Sotheby’s and Motorsport Network. Renowned worldwide as a premier provider of vintage, sport, exotic, and luxury cars, it embodies excellence in automotive auctions.


With over 20 years of CRM experience and more than 25 years specializing in integration and automation, Techosystem is a trusted partner of Creatio. They have successfully implemented over 150 systems, ranging in size and complexity. Techosystem excels in unifying people, processes, and technology, fostering effective information exchange to enhance business outcomes through streamlined operations.

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