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by digitizing its customer-centric workflows
and case management

Learn why Creatio was the distributors’ #1 choice for faster implementation and solution development and how Thibert uses Creatio to push the quick win deliverable projects through the pipeline in the interview with Patrick Brunet.

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Transforming Workflows on a No-Code Platform

As one of the leaders in distribution, Thibert strives to be a partner of excellence to its 17, 000 retailers and over 15,000 clients by actively participating in their success and offering a unique client experience. The team is committed to meeting the demands by fostering a genuine culture of belonging, best practices, continuous improvement, and going the extra mile.

Yet, the distributor was tied down by manual processes that hampered customer service operations. It was no surprise that Thibert recognized the urgent need for an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that could streamline their operations, allowing for top-notch customer experiences.

By adopting an agile CRM solution built on top of a composable no-code platform, Thibert aimed to ameliorate their customer-facing workflows, benefiting clients with faster responses and improved services. With Creatio’s no-code platform, the supplier inherited the freedom to bring their ideas to life faster than ever before.

Creatio no-code CRM platform enables us to increase the productivity of our team, use customer data to improve customer interactions, and deliver operations excellence

Patrick Brunet
Web Developer Director, Thibert, Inc.

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About Thibert

With over 45 years of success, Thibert is becoming one of the largest distributors in North America for wheels, automotive accessories and tools, and parts for recreational vehicles and trailers. Founded in Quebec, Canada, with a growing presence in the United States, the company also carries an inventory of home, sports, and leisure products and is an accredited supplier of personal protective equipment.