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Ent Credit Union utilizes no-code technologies to improve and enhance member and employee experience

About Ent Credit Union

Established in 1957, Ent Credit Union has grown into Colorado’s leading credit union with more than 380,000 members and over 35 service centers across the region. With a key focus on building long-lasting relationships to improve its members’ financial life, Ent Credit Union is deeply committed to delivering top-class solutions to its members-owners.

Over the last few years, Ent Credit Union has expanded tremendously across multiple counties in the Colorado area. Entering new markets and serving diverse communities made the company reconsider its approach to managing member relationships. To stay true to its values and principles of exceptional member experience, Ent Credit Union started looking for a software solution to help support its member-facing operations.

Ent Credit Union’s vision for Creatio is to create a unified interface to aggregate the key client-centric operations within a single solution, increasing the productivity of our employees, and boosting member experience.

Amy Krasikov

Vice President of Digital Experience

Unlocking the power of digital transformation

Creatio was selected in January 2019 and was launched in three months for Ent Credit Union’s outbound relationship team. The project has grown tremendously since then. Currently, Ent Credit Union actively uses the system to manage leads, streamline and optimize member onboarding, automate sales and contact center operations, and standardize branch consultations processes. The company has ambitious plans to further scale the system and keep fostering operational innovation with the help of Creatio.

The system’s robustness, configurability, scalability, and the level of vendor support turned Ent Credit Union into a true Creatio advocate. Learn more about Ent Credit Union’s success with Creatio in the latest case study and a webinar featuring Amy Krasikov, Director of Engagement Systems, who shares insights of Ent Credit Union’s experience with Creatio.