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Modernized Operations for Millions of Customers and 10,000 Employees with Creatio’s No-Code Platform

A few years ago, Ukrtelecom initiated a digital transformation project that integrated all its divisions and key information systems. Introducing the Creatio platform, the company's employees in all regions of Ukraine received tools for fast and high-quality customer service.

Today, the modern CRM platform helps Ukrtelecom not only find an individual approach to each customer but also ensures the availability and continuity of the company's services. Pavlo Holitsyn, Director of the Information Technology Directorate at Ukrtelecom, along with project contributors from Creatio's partner Banza—Violeta Saviechyna, Project Portfolio Manager, and Anatoliy Troshyn, Chief Operating Officer—shared the success story of this transformative project.

About Ukrtelecom

Ukrtelecom stands as one of Ukraine's largest telecommunications companies, providing comprehensive modern services to customers across the nation. Renowned for its high-speed fixed-line Internet coverage, Ukrtelecom fulfills the demand for Internet connections even during martial law, continuously experiencing growth in its subscriber base. With its powerful contact center and a distributed network of customer service, the operator provides services to individuals and legal entities.

Unified IT Ecosystem
as a Top Priority

Ukrtelecom embarked on a digital transformation project mainly to tackle the chaotic landscape of disparate systems commonly called the "zoo of systems". Almost every process had its dedicated software which had to be customized, maintained, and developed. Many processes conflicted with each other or were not formalized. Users had to work in several systems at the same time and jump from one window to another to complete their current tasks. All these factors slowed processes and created obstacles to quality customer service.

Creatio’s no-code platform for workflow automation and CRM became the technological foundation of the new project. The flexible tools made it easy to customize the system's interfaces and create business workflows to meet the company's needs. Creatio's out-of-the-box solutions for marketing, sales, and service helped implement industry standards within the organization.

The project also included two other important Ukrtelecom information structures - billing and accounting. To maintain the seamless operation of the entire company, it was essential to establish an integrated set of systems. The end-to-end processes had to cover a range of different business lines including the contact center, service request management, B2C and B2B sales, service connection and management, a single product catalog, customer service, Field Force Management (FFM), and dispatchers.

The challenges posed by stricter information security requirements and the potential vulnerability of the company's physical infrastructure emerged as distinct issues during the war. To address these challenges, the solution involved migrating the system to the cloud. This not only safeguarded the data but also streamlined the allocation of resources, reducing the need for ongoing maintenance of the IT infrastructure without compromising quality.

The success of the initiative hinged on the collaborative efforts of various project teams

The company had to construct most of the digital processes from the ground up, as the project demanded a fully customized solution tailored to meet Ukrtelecom's specific needs and requirements.

Different specialists were involved in the project at different stages:

Ukrtelecom’s large team that included all related roles - from business users and analysts to developers and security and infrastructure specialists (more than 20 specialists in total).

Banza: contributed a professional team of analysts, developers, and testers under the leadership of a project manager from the integrator's side.

Metinvest Digital: provided specialists in database management, infrastructure, and monitoring.

Creatio supplied a team of specialists for vendor oversight and ongoing support.

Thanks to Banza, Creatio, and an extensive team of experts from Ukrtelecom and our partners, we've acquired a solution that elevates our customer service to a new level and empowers our employees to perform their tasks more efficiently. Additionally, we've gained all the advantages of cloud services, enabling us to innovate and develop faster in the future.
Pavel Golitsyn
Director of the information technology
department of Ukrtelecom
For Banza, our partnership with Ukrtelecom stands as a powerful symbol of Ukrainian collaboration — a project of the people, by the people, and for the people. In our current era, fostering national support is foundational to our nation's stability. As a representative of a state-owned business, Ukrtelecom was tasked with the critical mission of forging a swift, secure, and superior service environment for both its customers and employees. The transformative leap to cloud technology has not only streamlined contact center operations but also lessened the reliance on physical infrastructures, mitigating potential risks. This technological advancement empowers Ukrtelecom to offer uninterrupted, 24/7 customer support. We extend our deepest appreciation to every individual who contributed to this project. Our collective effort is a testament to the power of unity, teamwork, and shared purpose in pursuit of a common goal.
Anatoliy Troshyn
Banza's Chief Operating Officer

Boosted efficiency through
the automation of end-to-end processes

The project entailed numerous customizations aimed at integrating Ukrtelecom's distinct business lines and constructing end-to-end customer service processes within Creatio. The system seamlessly brought together approximately 10,000 employees. This not only facilitated expedited information processing, including the handling of requests, customer service, and communications, but also streamlined various operational tasks such as generating statistics and reports. The project included the following customizations:

  • Contact Center: Custom distinctive solution known as the Operator Window, which consolidates all essential subscriber information for swift and efficient service.
  • Customer Incident Management for Internet Services: Upon receiving a customer request, the contact center operator logs an incident, which is then processed by the technical department. If necessary, a task is transferred to a specialist.
  • Field Staff Management: An innovative initiative developed from the ground up by Creatio, this cutting-edge tool optimizes operations. A specialized auto-scheduling mechanism, enhanced by AI technologies, aids in prioritizing tasks and selecting the most suitable employee for resolution. In summary, the Field Force Management (FFM) tools have enabled a 30% increase in productivity, a 25% reduction in the number of error incidents, a 20% decrease in service time costs, and a 24% improvement in customer satisfaction.

Step into the future with a platform core upgrade and cloud migration

The migration to the cloud demanded a specialized approach, emphasizing the necessity for a swift and seamless execution to prevent disruptions to the company's operations. Consequently, this stage of the project called for extensive preparatory work and the active involvement of all participants. The upgrade followed an iterative process, incorporating new data blocks into Creatio every week, ensuring the business experienced no delays or interruptions in both internal and external processes.

Post-migration, Ukrtelecom observed a substantial increase in operational performance.

Increase in support case registration by
Phone number recognition accuracy rate over
Increase in automatic case routing by

On average, all operational productivity has increased by 39% due to the cloud environment. The upgraded infrastructure has become even more resistant to external interference. The decentralization contributes to an overall increase in the level of information security. Thanks to the migration to virtual servers, it is now possible to quickly deploy and scale the company's infrastructure.

The cloud environment ensures server availability, ultimately playing a crucial part in the delivery of high-quality services around the clock. With the increased level of system performance, specialists can process information and requests from subscribers more quickly, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Moving to the cloud requires a comprehensive approach and a professional team - we were fortunate to have both. Our teams implemented many interesting ideas and shared valuable experiences. We successfully transitioned from designing the architecture and migrating data to testing and trial operation. The cloud solution will help us implement new tools, such as Machine Learning or integrations with third-party systems, faster. We will also be able to manage the system's capacity more efficiently and adapt it to the needs of the business.
Violeta Saviecina
Banza Project Portfolio Manager
Moving to the cloud has become a significant step towards improving Ukrtelecom's operations. A lot of effort was put into ensuring the project's implementation without disrupting our employees or customers. The process of replacing an old system with an updated cloud version always carries certain risks, but we managed to minimize them. We are confident that with Creatio, we will ensure the operation of our services and provide support to subscribers 24/7, 365 days a year.
Pavel Golitsyn
Director of the Information Technology
Directorate at Ukrtelecom

About Banza

Banza is a leading Ukrainian IT company, serving as a vendor and top partner of Creatio. Leveraging a unique synergy of technologies, low-code process management, and years of experience, the company excels in facilitating the seamless implementation of digital transformation and innovation in business. Banza has executed projects that involve implementing solutions for automating processes in sales, banking, logistics, production, customer service, and various other domains.