Experience the rock-star
customer service with dedicated
Customer Success Manager


CSM is the real game changer. Customer success managers at Creatio provide lifetime guidance for the successful
use of Creatio technology. Unlike a classical support team, the functions of the CSM are not limited to resolution
of temporary technical issues. The mission of the CSM is to constantly maintain communications with the customer
and ensure that Creatio system’s key modules or specific features are utilized in its entirety, and that the customer business goals are fully met.

Major activities performed by the CSM include

  • Regular contact with the customer
  • Helping the customer to be acquainted with all the necessary features
  • Gathering the initial information and helping the customer to have a technical query resolved
  • Conducting weekly and individual (upon request) webinars with an overview of the Creatio system features and answers to the customer questions
  • Providing the customer with White Papers and reference articles to help understand the Creatio applications better..

Working with our dedicated Customer Success Manager offers a number of benefits, among which:

  • Fast onboarding thanks to constant contact of the CSM with the customer
  • Early user adoption: getting all the questions answered and all the functions explained by the CSM
  • Greater scale of system usage: your employees get well-trained during the webinars that enable a fuller
    usage of Creatio applications
  • Higher ROI, lower TCO

Enjoy excellent customer experience and elevated support with Creatio customer success service