What has occurred on October 30th?

On Wednesday, October 30th 2019 bpm’online renamed to Creatio. The company website and product domain, logos and marketing collateral has changed to reflect the new name. A video broadcast event announcing the renaming took place at 10am EDT and the recording of this event can be found here. While our name has changed, the strategy, products and our team remains the same. The new name only reinforces our vision of creating a world where any business idea can be automated in minutes.

Why did you choose the name Creatio?

There has always been one thing that inspired us at bpm’online: the powerful, unique solutions that organizations create on our platform. Organizations use our low-code process management and CRM platform to bring their business ideas to life through automation.

Solutions that they create reflect unique differentiation of their companies, these solutions are their own creations. Therefore, the Creatio name reflects our strong belief that everyone will become a developer, able to automate ideas and create custom solutions in minutes.

Has the bpm’online completely disappeared from October 30th?

Not completely. In fact, bpm’online will still be mentioned in our logo (Creatio, formerly bpm’online) for at least six months. Some of our videos and collateral may still refer to bpm’online during this time.

Will the old name change in analyst reports like Gartner and Forrester?

Our mentions in analyst reports will not change for already published reports. However, for reports published after October 30, these will refer to Creatio instead of bpm’online, though here too, bpm’online may still be mentioned in the short term.

Has the company address or contact details change?

No, our office locations and phone numbers remain the same. However, our email addresses have changed from ones that end with “@bpmonline.com” to ones that end with “@creatio.com”. Note, emails sent to a “@bpmonline.com” address will still reach their intended recipient.

Do contracts with customers and partners need to change to reflect the name?

Not right away. Our legal entity will remain bpm’online for some time. We will notify respective teams and people in your organization about a change in the legal entity.