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Marketing and Promotion

Lead management

Increase lead-to-opportunity conversion rates by automating the entire lead management lifecycle - from the initial contact to a sales qualified lead.

Campaign management

Engage your customers by designing, executing, and optimizing omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Event management

Increase brand awareness and tap into high-potential lead pools by executing effective marketing campaigns tailored for industry events and trade shows.

Loyalty programs

Improve customer retention with a full-fledged automated loyalty bonus program.


Opportunity management

Increase win rates by automating workflows for different types of sales opportunities, including contracts, online orders, FTL/LTL, 3PL, etc.

Contacts & Accounts

Easily manage your contacts and accounts via a single database and enjoy 360 view into your customers' and partners' profiles, history, and engagement status.

Field sales

Boost effieiency of field sales activties via a mobile app for scheduling, routing, visit execution, order placement, and reporting.

Online freight bookings & orders

Grow the number of online orders and customer satisfaction through automation of freight/service order placement and validation.

Sales forecasting

Create and manage forcecasts in multiple dimensions by divisions, terrirotires, load types, and other parameters.

Carriers and Rates

Carrier management

Keep third-party carrier and their rates information in sync within the system in order to easily create load tenders and optimize carrier cost.


Ensure up-to-date carrier rates information and easily apply it for load tendering, quotes/orders generation, cost analysis, etc.

Partner programs

Effectively manage partner programs for 3PL carriers and integrate with their systems or websites for automated data sync.

Load Management

Load planning

Streamline order fulfillment with automated workflows for planning and scheduling of customer orders, route planning, and expense management.

Load tendering

Optimize the cost of engagements with 3PL carriers by unifying and automating load tendering workflows.

Load status & tracking

Track loads in real time and synchronize delivery status across all logistical operations.


Address changing circumstances with adaptive load routing, automate expenses calculation, and ensure correct reporting.

Fleet Management

Fleet tracking

Improve delivery processes with the full insight into real-time fleet performance and timely contingency management.

Driver schedule & work orders

Optimize driver schedules and work orders to address changing customer demands while ensuring timely fulfillment of the existing orders.

Vehicle inspections

Ensure your fleet is properly maintained and regularly inspected, avoid costly repairs and unexpected delivery disruptions.

Fleet lifecycle management

Optimize your fleet's total operating cost by ensuring timely vehicle acquisition, repair, and replacement.

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Quotes and Orders

Service catalog

Keep service and rates information in sync via a digital catalog, easily create service packages that factor in different price lists, margins, discounts, and other parameters.

Quote management

Ensure accurate generation of quotes and invoices based on single-source service, rates, and other business data.

Order processing

Ensure faster order fulfillment by automating diverse order processing workflows.

Billing and invoicing

Generate invoices in seconds, track status of your invoices, and get complete visibility into the payment flow.

Supply Chain Management

Demand forecasting

Create demand forecasts and predictive demand estimates by taking advantage of historical analytics and AI/ML modeling tools.

Last-mile delivery management

Achieve greater operational efficiency by automating planning, scheduling, tracking, and task management for your last-mile delivery workforce.

Supplier & vendor management

Build stronger relationships with partners, suppliers, and contractors by utilizing partner portal functionality with unlimited workflow automation options.

International logistics management

Streamline coordination with overseas vendors and international 3PL partners, implement cross-company cross-border service data integration, and speed up decision making process with integrated analytics.

Supply chain optimization

Continuously improve your supply chain operations by monitoring KPI data, collecting delivery incidents, and a/b testing different workflow scenarios.

Customer Service

Omnichannel helpdesk

Streamline customer and partner support via omnichannel helpdesk and self-service portals, ensure fast problem resolution and feedback loop.

Online delivery tracking

Improve customer satisfaction by enabling online delivery tracking and automating real-time delivery & ETA notifications.

Field service

Assign work orders, coordinate schedules of field service engineers, and keep in touch with your filed staff via integrated scheduling, dispatching, and communication tools.

Customer satisfaction management

Boost your NPS by automating workflows for managing satisfaction surveys, feedback analysis, and follow ups.


Inventory control

Ensure accurate tracking of inventory levels, avoid overspending and overstocking, and synchronize inventory movements across multiple warehouses.

Inventory replenishment

Order exactly what you need when you need it, optimize replenishment schedules, and forecast inventory levels to optimize fleet scheduling.

Distribution center operations

Orchestrate day-to-day operations of your distribution centers, reconcile inventory data, manage material receiving and storage, and analyze performance.

Warehouse machinery inspections

Ensure your warehouse machinery is properly maintained and regularly inspected, avoid costly repairs and unexpected downtime.

Warehouse safety management

Ensure compliance with industry safety standards, keep your employees healthy and productive at work, and nurture responsibility across the board.

Risk & Compliance Management

Customer privacy management

Implement personal data compliance workflows in accordance with the industry's best practices and data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc.).

Regulatory compliance control

Ensure regulatory compliance across the organization via centralized management of regulatory documents, compliance plans, employee policies, etc.

Legal case management

Streamline management of legal cases, ensure unified format for documents, and optimize legal-related workflows and collaboration process.

Certification development

Track, monitor, and manage certification processes throughout the entire organization to ensure regulatory compliance.

Internal audit

Manage audit workflows across all required financial, physical, and legal assets within your organization.

Corporate Services

Employee lifecycle mgmt

Implement unified and transparent HR workflows for efficient employee management, including hiring, onboarding, development, retention, and exit.

Employee request management

Improve the employee experience by providing a user-friendly solution to automate all types of requests (vacation, travel, expenses, etc.)

Joint collaboration & knowledge sharing

Centralize communications, collaborate, share knowledge and documents, plan your tasks and meetings, manage reviews and approvals.

Customer success and genuine care

DB Shenker advanced its service workflows to boost customer engagement.
Skeyes leverages Creatio’s case management capabilities to ensure high-touch customer service.
DFS Aviation Services increased lead conversion by establishing sales and marketing alignment.
Air Alliance is accelerating operations by aligning five business divisions on the Creatio platform.

Partners and marketplace ecosystem

Industry-focused Implementation partners
Top marketplace applications for Transportation
Data Import-Export
Data Import-Export for Creatio
Schedule your data import to and export from Creatio through CSV Files (Local, SFTP, …) or connection to any SQL Server database
Contact center product suite
Contact center product suite Creatio
Full-featured Inbound & Outbound call center with AI-based agent scoring and call analytics
NormaDocs for Creatio
Management of normative documents and report library for companies of any size
FedEx Connector
FedEx Connector for Creatio
Managing FedEx shipments from Creatio Orders
Integration via Creatio API
StarfishETL integration
StarfishETL integration for Creatio

A powerful iPaaS for integrating Creatio with all kinds of other business solutions

DocFlow for Creatio
Document libraries and digital document management processes for companies of any size

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