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Lead management

Track and capture your leads from different sources into a unified database, ensure automated data verification, and design your own unique lead management process for the best conversion rates.

Opportunity management

Streamline the mortgage loan sales process by automating end-to-end workflows and best practices while also easily introducing personalized process automation that helps you follow through the most optimal strategy for each prospect.

Cross-/Up sales recommendations

Boost customer engagement and life-time value by making highly personalized value propositions based on predictive scoring, AI/ML-powered next-best-offer intelligence, and the customer's history of previous interactions.

Sales activity management

Empower your sales reps and front-office agents with the ability to manage their daily tasks, borrower requests, and communications in a unified digital environment that minimizes distractions and ensures maximum productivity.

Partner and Referral Management

Partner information management

Organize and structure information about your multiple referral partners (e.g., realtors, builders, contractors, and others) for more successful collaboration. Get a quick and convenient access to comprehensive partner information, consolidated in a single detailed partner profile.

Referral tracking

Track how many referrals you get from each partner and who brings the highest quality leads. View up-to-date data on partner's KPIs presented on clear, detailed dashboards and charts.

Joint collaboration

Build effective communication with your partners using an advanced partner portal that supports joint leads and opportunities management, campaign management, knowledge sharing, and more.



Set up flexible marketing segmentation by various criteria and engage your audience with personalized offers in the right channel, at the right time.

Campaign management

Ensure strong lead generation and brand awareness by designing, executing, and optimizing omnichannel marketing campaigns for various mortgage markets at scale.

Email marketing

Personalize email communications with your potential and current borrowers to win their loyalty. Create engaging, professional-looking emails in minutes using the built-in, easy-to-use template designer.

Event management

Streamline organizational processes for online and offline events, as well as tap into high-potential lead pools by executing effective marketing campaigns tailored for industry events and trade shows.


Mortgage consultations

Provide professional, high-quality consultations to borrowers using all the necessary insights, knowledge, documents, and communication tools available in a single window interface at your fingertips.

Borrower relationship management

Collect, store, and refer to a comprehensive knowledge about your borrowers – including their needs, preferences, and financial health, as well as all related documents, correspondence, and other data – to provide more consistent communications and make accurate mortgage decisions.


Provide seamless onboarding experience for each borrower, making their entire journey as simple, fast, and engaging as possible. Take full advantage of digital workflows and smart AI/ML tools to automate all required verifications, approvals, and notifications to the maximum, and minimize painstaking manual work and data processing errors.

Mortgage portfolio management

Streamline typical service routines for mortgage products, customer identity verification, and service personalization according to specific customer tiers and service plans.

Borrower Experience

Omnichannel contact center

Maximize the efficiency of contact center operations as well as in-person, chatbot, and digital customer consultations by ensuring automated data sync across all customer-facing solutions, databases, and interfaces.

Online self-service

Improve mortgage servicing by giving customers easy access to their loan accounts, including the ability to quickly and easily manage their loan data and communicate with loan officers.

Case management

Accumulate all cases from your customers and partners, classify them into different categories, populate SLA and other data, assign agents and teams - all based on automated digital workflows.

Dispute management

Collect and provide a full visibility into the customer-initiated disputes for all teams involved, streamline teams' collaboration on single-source data, and formalize and automate dispute validation processes to accelerate resolution.

NPS and feedback

Collect, analyze, and manage customer feedback by using measurable KPIs such as Net Promoter Score and implementing digital workflows that are easy to enforce and monitor.

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Mortgage Lending

Loan application management

Utilize end-to-end customer data and automated mortgage verification workflows to provide personalized loan terms for each customer, quickly collect approvals from the middle office, and enforce any unique mortgage loan processing policies as part of your company's playbook.

Loan origination

Easily create and enter lending terms, information on lending participants, and collateral documents to ensure fast loan origination and simplify ongoing loan pipeline monitoring.

Loan servicing

Organize the lending process to ensure top-notch customer service, automate loan servicing reminders, deliver loan self-service capabilities, and ensure consistent data updates at every stage.

Loan recovery

Automate loan recovery processes and improve agents' productivity with consolidated communication, analytics, data processing, and reporting tools.

Underwriting and Verification


Have full visibility of mortgage application data to streamline underwriting processes and empower underwriters with in-depth analytics for approving, postponing, rejecting the application, or changing the final financing terms.

Approval and verification

Ensure in-depth verification of mortgage application data with flexible checklists and automated review/approval workflows, manage priority-based verification queues, speed up the final approval by minimizing manual data entry, setting reminders, and organizing collateral documents.

Document management

Keep a well-organized, transparent document management system to ensure centralized access to customer documents, version tracking, elimination of duplicates, automated synchronization of documents across multiple workflows, and flexible access rights management.


Know your customer

Ensure the most complete and accurate customer profile data with a centralized approach based on the unified CRM database, automated data verification and deduplication tools, enterprise-grade data security, and AI/ML-powered business intelligence tools.

Risk catalog management

Digitize your risk catalog and enhance it with intelligent classification, cross-link, and drill-down capabilities to quickly identify, measure, and deal with risk.

Escrow account management

Maintain up-to-date and accurate escrow accounting to ensure that customers' property taxes and insurance payments are processed in a timely manner and conform to state rules and regulations.

Internal audit

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of internal audit by streamlining data collection, verification, and anomaly detection processes via unified workflow automation, automated reports and dashboards, and single-source data storage that eliminates out-of-sync or duplicate data.

Employee Experience

Employee lifecycle management

Implement unified and transparent HR workflows for efficient employee management, including hiring, onboarding, development, retention, and exit.

Employee request management

Improve the employee experience by providing a user-friendly solution to automate all types of requests (vacation, travel, expenses, etc.)

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Centralize communications, collaborate, share knowledge and documents, plan your tasks and meetings, manage reviews and approvals.

Partners and marketplace ecosystem

Industry-focused Implementation partners
Top marketplace applications for mortgage
Integration via Creatio API
StarfishETL integration
StarfishETL integration for Creatio

A powerful iPaaS for integrating Creatio with all kinds of other business solutions

Data Import-Export
Data Import-Export for Creatio
Schedule your data import to and export from Creatio through CSV Files (Local, SFTP, …) or connection to any SQL Server database
Financial Services Creatio, sales edition
Financial Services Creatio, sales edition

The robust solution to manage end-to-end sales processes of financial products and services

Contact center product suite
Contact center product suite Creatio
Full-featured Inbound & Outbound call center with AI-based agent scoring and call analytics
RiskMaster for Creatio
Vertical solution for managing Risk catalogue, automatically identify incidents and cases with risk impact and automate their resolution
ComplyTrack for Creatio
Ensuring compliance with the regulator’s requirements (KYC, AML, CTF, legislation, industry standards)
Financial Services Creatio, customer journey edition
Financial Services Creatio, customer journey edition

A powerful product for front-office and contact center management

Financial Services Creatio, lending edition
Financial Services Creatio, lending edition

Intelligent product to accelerate lending processes of various types

Consultation contact center
Consultation contact center for Creatio

Advisory contact center

Collection for Creatio
Debt collection strategy automation

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