One platform
to automate Consumer Packaged Goods workflows and CRM with no-code

Sales management

Product information management

Streamline sales forecasting, quoting, and product inventory processes with a unified product catalog that contains detailed characteristics of each SKU, including product descriptions, pricing information, sales and promotion history, etc.

Sales planning and forecasting

Boost your sales and increase profits through intelligent, data-driven sales forecasting. Generate rich reports with the forecasting information in seconds.

Pricing optimization

Optimize your pricing strategy for different products, customer segments, and distribution channels with comprehensive sales, pricing, and profitability analytics and AI-driven predictive modeling techniques.

Sales analysis and optimization

Monitor your sales pipelines from all angles to increase the company’s profits: performance of each sales channel and counterparty, best-selling products and categories, profit earned for a particular time period, etc.

Trade promotion management

Promotions information management

Collect, view, and analyze all relevant information about your promotions, including expenses, activities, contracts, and more – all in one centralized solution. Make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize costs and workforce for future promotions.

Budgeting and cost control

Optimize spending on trade promotions through a transparent budget management process, including forecasting, allocation, and control of expenses. Make the job of managers simple and error-free with accurate and fully automated calculations.

Promotion planning and execution

Streamline work with various types of promotions – from the initial planning through the whole approval path – according to the established workflow. Track numerous SKU-related promotions and all related activities in a single calendar.

Promotion analytics and optimization

Maximize the value of every promotional activity by tracking all business-critical metrics across channels, retailers, markets, geographies, and products.


Partner information management

Build productive relationships with distributors and retailers, ensuring straightforward communication via an online partner portal as well as easy access to a complete history of interactions, including all related contracts, documents, projects, plans, and other details.

Contract management

Agree on price lists, discounts, and bonuses with your distributors at the contract level, and make your approval process fast and transparent with automated workflows. Keep contracts and other related documents secure and up-to-date in a single-source protected database.

Order fulfillment

Ensure maximum speed and accuracy for affiliate orders fulfillment. Automate order generation from different channels, easily check the availability of goods and their cost, assign delivery teams, communicate with colleagues and partners within the single digital workspace.

Logistics management

Ensure fast and cost-effective delivery of goods to stores and distribution centers with automated workflows for planning routes, costs, orders, and other related activities.

Field force management

Streamline work for your field force with a mobile app that makes it easy to accept and track orders, verify SKU characteristics, schedule tasks and visits, and more.

Brand awareness campaigns

Agency partnership management

Build successful relationships with the best advertising agencies via a flexible partner management portal. View and analyze communications history, joint activities, contracts, documents, advertising spaces, etc. to choose the best partner for each project and maximize their value.

Advertising project management

Create and successfully manage advertising projects of any complexity. Track project scope, budget, deliverables, milestones, and key metrics to maximize efficiency and ensure success.

Social media monitoring

Build a loyal community around your brand and enhance customer experience with proactive communication and feedback tracking across all social media platforms.

Event management

Plan and execute successful advertising and promotional events from start to finish – including timelines, budget, responsible teams, and contractors, etc. – using an advanced calendar, omnichannel communications, and automated workflows.

Event reporting

Get comprehensive statistics on your events and improve them in the future using numerous ready-made and customizable reporting tools.

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Procurement and supply chain management

Procurement request management

Orchestrate purchasing plans, requests, and forecasts via automated workflows that ensure that any needs are properly submitted, tracked, and executed.

Supplier management

Build stronger relationships with suppliers and contractors by utilizing partner portal functionality with unlimited workflow automation options.

Procurement lifecycle management

Handle procurement and supply of raw materials, services, and other resources needed for CPG/FMCG manufacturing with the maximum efficiency via collaborative and AI-driven workflows.

Contract management

Easily maintain a single source of truth for your contract management and enable your team to close contracts faster with efficient collaboration tools, guided workflows, and document templates.

Risk and compliance

Regulatory compliance control

Ensure regulatory compliance across the organization via centralized management of regulatory documents, compliance plans, employee policies, etc.

Legal case management

Streamline management of legal cases, ensure unified format for documents, and optimize legal-related workflows and collaboration processes.

Internal audit

Manage audit workflows across all the required financial, physical, and legal assets within your organization.

Employee experience

Employee lifecycle management

Implement unified and transparent HR workflows for efficient employee management, including hiring, onboarding, development, retention, and exit.

Employee request management

Improve the employee experience by providing a user-friendly solution to automate all types of requests (vacation, travel, expenses, etc.).

Joint collaboration and knowledge sharing

Centralize communications, collaborate, share knowledge and documents, plan your tasks and meetings, manage reviews and approvals with maximum efficiency.

Partners and marketplace ecosystem

Industry-focused Implementation partners
Top marketplace applications for CPG
SalesUp FMCG management
SalesUp FMCG management for Creatio
A comprehensive solution for the automation of business processes for manufacturers and distributors of the FMCG market.
SalesUp Catalog selection enhancements
SalesUp Catalog selection enhancements for Creatio
Simple work with catalogs in the system. Filter the records automatically, hierarchy of selection, convenient and quick adding records to the details.
SalesUp Data Management
SalesUp Data Management for Creatio
The low-code product for managing data, plan-fact data analysis, forecasting, planning and tracking employees KPI's with the capability to build models online, visualize the results automatically, form and upload reports.
DocFlow for Creatio
Document libraries and digital document management processes for companies of any size
SalesUp Budget management
SalesUp Budget management for Creatio
Manage budget and expenses in Creatio's simple and convenient interface.
SalesUp Procurement Management
SalesUp Procurement Management for Creatio
Solution for managing procurement cycle, relationships with suppliers and tendering.
Collection for Creatio
Debt collection strategy automation
Integration via Creatio API
StarfishETL integration
StarfishETL integration for Creatio

A powerful iPaaS for integrating Creatio with all kinds of other business solutions

SalesUp Data views
SalesUp Data views for Creatio
Gantt chart and Kanban board helps to easily visualize data of any Creatio’s section.

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