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Business services Workflow Map

Marketing manager
Sales representative
Director of operations
Contact center specialist
Compliance officer


Lead management

Generate high quality leads and increase the conversion rate by automating an end-to-end lead cycle – from capturing to hand-off to sales.

Multichannel campaign management

Create and launch personalized multichannel campaigns to engage your audience and increase market awareness around your business services and expertise.

Account-based marketing

Target specific accounts and organizations, as well as individual contacts within those organizations, with personalized messaging and content that is relevant to their individual preferences.

Event management

Plan, manage, and track various online and offline events in a single solution containing all the necessary information about the event, including budget, responsible teams, dates, locations, and other details.

Marketing resource management

Manage and optimize the entire pool of resources and workflows of your marketing team to increase productivity and improve the execution of marketing initiatives.


Customer management

Access detailed information about existing and prospective customers with in-depth insights into customer needs and preferences to improve sales efficiency.

Opportunity management

Automate any sales process, regardless of the specifics of the PSO business, using ready-made sales workflows, as well as the ability to flexibly customize your own workflows using visual no-code tools.

Partner relationship management

Manage relationships with partners and subcontractors using an advanced partner portal that supports joint leads and opportunities management, campaign management, knowledge sharing, and more.

Contract management

Maintain contracts, agreements, and other related documents in a single-source database; save time by automating contract approvals and other document management workflows.

Cross-selling and upselling

Identify opportunities to upsell and cross-sell the services and expertise of your highly skilled professionals.

Order fulfillment

Service catalog management

Get a complete, up-to-date view of your service portfolio with detailed characteristics of each service to streamline ordering, quoting, and invoicing processes.


Quickly prepare error-free, attractive quotes for your customers based on up-to-date, accurate information that is pulled automatically from your business service catalog.

Order management

Streamline the management of cross-channel customer orders via a single solution using intelligent workflows for order processing.


Generate invoices in seconds, track the status of your invoices, and get complete visibility into the payment flow.

Project management

Request management

Process and track multiple project requests in a single workspace to improve internal planning and achieve better team alignment across your organization.

Project planning

Create, manage, and track project tasks in a single project management solution to ensure project success and timely delivery.

Resource allocation

Assign resources to the right projects, considering the needs of the customer, as well as the schedule, skills, and experience of your specialists.

Team collaboration

Empower project teams to work together effectively by enabling seamless communication across any channel and the ability to share content, ideas, and knowledge quickly and easily.

Project performance management

Monitor and analyze the key metrics of your projects to allocate work, time, and tasks more efficiently.

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Project accounting

Expense management

Add, view, and analyze project cost information as quickly and easily as possible, eliminating painstaking paperwork and data errors.

Multi-currency accounting

Keep financial estimates with clients, partners, and suppliers in different currencies with automatic conversion according to the current exchange rate.

Revenue forecasting

Get flexible and granular revenue forecasting of your projects across the different dimensions with configurable analytics and reporting tools.

Financial reporting

Get detailed and easy to read reports on project costs, receivables, and revenue to improve project profitability and drive better decisions.

Customer care

Proactive service and support

Serve and engage your customers across all popular communication channels by using a one-stop-shop digital customer service workspace, AI-powered workflow automation, and 360-degree customer view.

Customer self-service

Provide your customers with convenient self-service tools to quickly register their requests, easily search for solutions in the knowledge base, and reduce the load on your service department.

Field service management

Schedule field service activities, manage work orders, and coordinate field agents using a centralized repository of workforce information, built-in scheduling and communication tools, and modern mobile field service tools.

Risk and compliance

Customer privacy management

Implement personal data compliance workflows in accordance with the industry’s best practices and data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

Regulatory compliance control

Ensure regulatory compliance across the organization via centralized management of regulatory documents, compliance plans, employee policies, etc.

Legal case management

Streamline management of legal cases, ensure unified format for documents, and optimize legal-related workflows and collaboration processes.

Certification development

Monitor and manage certification processes throughout the entire organization to ensure complete regulatory compliance.

Internal audit

Manage audit workflows across all the required financial, physical, and legal assets within your organization.

Corporate lifecycle

Employee lifecycle management

Implement unified and transparent HR workflows for efficient employee management, including hiring, onboarding, development, retention, and exit.

Employee request management

Improve the employee experience by providing a user-friendly solution to automate all types of requests (vacation, travel, expenses, etc.).


Centralize communications, collaborate, share knowledge and documents, plan your tasks and meetings, manage reviews and approvals with maximum efficiency.

Customer success and genuine care

People 2.0 accelerated sales and customer service while providing seamless customer journey oversight.
QTI Group strengthened customer relationships and improved internal communications by uniting the four lines of business on the Creatio platform.
BNI leverages Creatio to boost customer engagement through automated lead management workflows.
Dealer eProcess streamlined customer service operations and ensured personality-driven sales experiences.

Partners and marketplace ecosystem

Industry-focused Implementation partners
Top marketplace applications for Business services
Contact center product suite
Contact center product suite Creatio
Full-featured Inbound & Outbound call center with AI-based agent scoring and call analytics
Beesender Chat Master
Beesender Chat Master for Creatio
Advanced omnichannel chats functionality for Creatio
DocFlow for Creatio
Document libraries and digital document management processes for companies of any size
DocFlow Collegial
DocFlow Collegial for Creatio
Organising work of collegial institutions for a company of any size
PandaDoc Document Management
PandaDoc Document Management for Creatio
Close more deals with better quotes, proposals, and contract management all within the PandaDoc integration module for Creatio
Integration via Creatio API
Microsoft Power BI connector
Microsoft Power BI connector for Creatio

Connector to Microsoft Power BI, an interactive data visualization software


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