Creatio Announces Strong Growth in 2022 Driven by Rapid Adoption of its Composable No-code Platform

The company’s no-code platform to automate industry workflows and CRM continues to gain significant traction amongst midsize and large organizations around the globe

Creatio, a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom, today shares its annual achievements and milestones. Growth in 2022 was fueled by accelerated new customer acquisition and expansion of existing relationships. It was possible thanks to continuous investment into platform innovations and active participation of Creatio’s channel partners. In 2022, the company was yet again recognized as a leader, a strong performer, and an active market player in multiple Gartner, Forrester, and other analyst reports for low-code/no-code, CRM, SFA, MAP, and digital workflow automation.  

Market catalysts for Creatio’s 2022 growth included an increased need for enterprises to build and deploy business applications, digitize workflows and enhance customer experiences. While an ever-growing number of companies are focusing on digital workflows as one of the key differentiators, limited availability of technical resources remains a looming obstacle for enterprises. Creatio’s composable no-code platform offering is seen as a game-changing solution to deploy business applications at speed and scale.  

Throughout the year, the company launched seven platform updates to enhance its no-code platform, workflow automation, and CRM capabilities. The releases included a number of innovations such as composable architecture, brand-new Freedom UI, updated no-code designer, the Application Hub, AI-assisted workflow automation, and more. The Creatio Marketplace has been extended by 110 new applications. The ongoing focus on expanding the platform resulted in an impressive net retention rate of 130%.  

Creatio continued to successfully execute its partner-driven strategy. In 2022, Creatio started relationships with 114 new partners, further expanding its presence in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the Middle East. The partner program was, yet again, awarded a 5-star rating from the CRN media network. The company also increased its local presence in 16 countries and opened a new full-fledged office in Warsaw, Poland.  

To further evangelize the no-code approach, Creatio released the No-code Playbook, a 200-page end-to-end guide that empowers teams to deliver business applications of any complexity with no-code. The book is co-authored by Katherine Kostereva, CEO of Creatio. No-code Playbook downloads reached 7,000 in 2022. Five thousand hard-cover copies of the Playbook were published in December 2022, and the second edition of the book will be published in 2023.  

Commenting on the company’s impressive 2022 results, CEO Katherine Kostereva said, “Despite turbulent times and the economic slowdown, Creatio maintained a similarly strong growth rate as in the previous year. We recognize a big demand in the market to deploy business applications and automate workflows. Midsize and large organizations are no longer ready to wait months until their critical applications are ready. Creatio’s composable no-code platform provides our clients and partners with a unique opportunity to bring these applications to the market much faster.”  

2022 highlights include: 

Product Innovations: 

  • Creatio unveiled its major platform update Creatio 8.0 Atlas with next-level tools to empower creators to build enterprise applications and workflows with no-code. 

  • Creatio launched the 8.0.6 platform update to introduce composable architecture with a brand-new Freedom UI, and intelligent AI-driven recommendations for workflow automation. 

  • The company delivered 7 product releases enabling customers and partners to create apps using reusable components and empowering no-code creators with powerful no-code capabilities while constantly enhancing its CRM apps and workflows.  

  • Creatio added 110+ connectors, templates, and vertical solutions to the Marketplace.   

No-Code Market Development: 

  • Creatio launched the No-code Playbook, a vendor-agnostic guide that enables creators to design and deploy business applications at speed and in a secure fashion. 

  • The company led Freedom Release digital show with 18,000 registrants showcasing Creatio Atlas platform innovations, thought-provoking no-code discussion and a Freedom set from the iconic DJ Paul van Dyk. 

  • We organized and delivered the No-code Playbook presentation digital show with 24,000 registrants featuring futuristic interview with Steve Wozniak and a real-life case study of Virgin Media O2 Business.  

  • We organized, participated and supported more than 60 industry events and expert gatherings.  

Geographical Expansion

  • Creatio increased teams in the North America, LATAM, the UK and Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand and the Middle East.  

  • The company opened a new office in Warsaw, Poland.  

Highlights of Recent Client Success  

  • Creatio commenced collaborations with Virgin Media O2 Business, Cheesecake Factory Bakery, Willis Towers Watson, Spring GDS, Royal United Mortgage, Dibber, Honor Credit Union, and many more successful organizations around the world.  

  • Israeli Government shared how they built the National Infrastructure Coordination System for over 300 organizations with Creatio’s no-code platform. 

  • Strathclyde Business School, a triple-accredited university, implemented the Creatio platform to streamline workflows of serving their students and external partners.

  • ASEE (Assecco SEE) embarked on a continuous sales transformation journey with Creatio. 

  • Geloso Group, the Canadian Leader in the production of alcoholic malt beverages, chose Creatio to enhance customer satisfaction and improve the employee experience. 

Highlights of Some of the New Partnerships and Partner Wins 

  • Creatio was acknowledged as a top AWS Partner that has demonstrated positive results to the AWS team. 

  • Creatio’s SVP of Global Channels was recognized in the CRN Top Channel Chiefs List.  

  • Creatio honored with 5-Star Rating in the 2022 CRN Partner Program Guide. 

  • Creatio signed partnership with Qnovate to expedite the no-code adoption in the North America. 

  • Creatio and H&CO partnered to further drive the no-code adoption in North America and LATAM.  

  • Creatio further expanded in the Middle East by partnering with Nuummite Consulting

  • Creatio partnered with Eligeo CRM Inc to help organizations in Canada automate workflows with no-code.  

  • Creatio partnered with Experieco to expand its presence in Australia and New Zealand. 

  • Creatio joined forces with BlueMeme to help Japanese businesses automate workflows with no-code. 

  • Creatio expanded further in MENA partnering with EJAD to enable Saudi enterprises to benefit from a leading no-code automation platform. 

  • Creatio partnered with Headway to help educational organizations in Vietnam digitize workflows and innovate faster.  

  • Creatio partnered with Digiata to expand into the South African, Sub-Saharan and UK Markets. 

Awards & Recognitions 

About Creatio   

Creatio is a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom. Millions of workflows are launched on our platform daily in 100 countries by thousands of clients. Genuine care for our clients and partners is a defining part of Creatio’s DNA.  

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