Regular update package for Creatio products

The latest release features enhancements to business processes, integrations, marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, and much more. Discover the full list of updates!
Regular update package for Creatio products

We are pleased to introduce a new update package for Creatio products, which features even more improvements and enhancements. 

Creatio 7.17.2 provides the following key updates:

No-code / low-code tools  

Section Wizard. In the newest release, we’ve enhanced UI customization. From now on, users can add hints to fields when customizing the page interface. You can use any language as well as HTML formatting when creating hints. In addition, it’s much easier to add new details to the page and use the registry editor. 

Business processes 

  • In the business process diagram, users can now generate custom MS Word reports or Fast Reports. You can add the generated reports to the Attachments and Notes detail of any record or use it further in the business process, e.g., send it as an email attachment.  
  • You can now copy the MS Word reports in Creatio. This saves time when setting up similar reports. The report copy will contain the columns, macros, tables, filters and template of the original report.  
  • We've added an API for working with files, enabling Creatio integration with third-party file storage, e.g., file systems, cloud repositories, etc. 

Integrations. We’ve implemented low-code integration with SOAP services. We also enabled synchronization with LDAP for Creatio applications deployed on Linux. In Net Framework Creatio applications deployed on Windows, LDAP synchronization is based on the secure SSL protocol. 

Configuration management. We continue to enhance the professional framework for deep system configuration. Improvements include the function of multiple selection in the configuration element list — for exporting, updating database structure, deleting, etc. It became possible to view the source code of business processes and objects, manage parameters of client modules, transfer configuration items between packages, manage blocking of packages and items in SVN, and much more. 

Sales, marketing, service and operations automation  

Omnichannel communications. When working with chats in Creatio, now it’s possible to use quick reply templates. Templates support multilingual mode and personalization using macros. Also, now you can easily find the needed template in the chat and edit the text before sending a message. 

Marketing campaigns. We’ve added a new element to the campaign diagram to populate the event audience from the campaign. Also, we’ve updated the logic of adding participants to campaigns on signal. In addition, users can now use the new counter to view the total number of participants on every campaign step.  

Request management. For better user experience, we’ve implemented an AI search which analyzes the history of processed cases and predicts similar case recommendations for all new cases. The AI search is aimed at increasing the efficiency of customer support — now it will be much easier for service agents to analyze incoming calls and search for solutions. 

Sales forecasting. We’ve added a drill down feature to the Forecasting section — now users can view the data used to receive the calculated forecast metrics.  

Approvals. In a mobile app, users can now work with approvals in the hybrid mode. The list of approvals and approval processing is available regardless of the connection to the main application. All the changes will be passed to the main application when connection is established. 

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