Air Alliance Group Future-Proofs its Business and Flies High with Creatio’s Low-Code/No-Code Platform

Creatio was selected by Air Alliance for its future-proof low-code/no-code technology.
Air Alliance Group Future-Proofs its Business and Flies High with Creatio’s Low-Code/No-Code Platform

Creatio, a global software company that provides a leading low-code/no-code platform for process management and CRM, today announced it was selected by Air Alliance for its future-proof low-code/no-code technology. Air Alliance Group, a certified aviation company, chose Creatio to accelerate operations by aligning their five business divisions, refining customer data accessibility, and adopting tools that empower users to build applications and automate processes in minutes. Air Alliance sifted through several vendors before landing on Creatio.

The key focus of the company was to become more customer-centric by improving customer experience throughout the customer journey. To achieve this vision, it was essential to migrate a variety of existing IT systems and customer data onto one safe platform as a “single source of truth”. Backed by cloud technology, Creatio allows every user access to live data anytime, anywhere. It goes without saying that accurate, personalized information are a major driver for client satisfaction. This is especially critical for time-sensitive air ambulance missions and response times. The project also aims to break down existing silos to improve customer and project information and data sharing among the divisions, and therefore expand cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. The automation of repetitive tasks across marketing, sales and service was also paramount to increase customer satisfaction and improve employee productivity. The limited alignment of processes also reduced the operational visibility for management to gauge company performance. With these hurdles now in the past, and with the implementation of Creatio’s low-code/no-code platform, Air Alliance is at present seeking to improve employee work efficiency by 20% and increase customer lifetime value by 10%.

Creatio’s mission to help companies accelerate by providing solutions to quickly and easily automate business ideas was what lured Air Alliance. Creatio also offers a composable approach to app development and workflow automation. The company’s out-of-the-box functionality eliminates the need to build core modules for apps from scratch. Its pre-configured modules have common core functions needed for several apps, and they can be reused to develop different solutions more quickly. This way, users can repurpose prebuilt or newly developed modules, plug-ins, and entire applications to rapidly create necessary solutions. Air alliance was looking to future-proof their business, this was surely the way to do it.

“Today’s clients are seeking fast responses and high-quality problem-solving skills,” says Eva Kluge, Chief Commercial Officer at Air Alliance’s Air Ambulance division. “A CRM is a great support to provide the top-notch service that customers are looking for. On the sales and business development side, our teams can see within seconds what requests clients have sent, and they can get a quick record of every interaction so they can provide clients with quick and useful answers.”

The implementation of the system was carried out by Qualysoft.

“We at Qualysoft are honored to work together with Air Alliance, who helps save lives through speed, precision and excellent medical knowledge and help them to bring their ideas to the next “flight” level. Not only through the highly recognized low-code/no-code CRM platform from Creatio but also with our highly experienced business analysts, technical experts and successful proven project approach. We are ensuring that Air Alliance can achieve its mission of 'WE FLY FOR YOUR LIFE' even better.” Steffen Dudda, General Manager, Qualysoft Germany

“Our products and our relationships with customers are focused on empowerment and providing self-sufficiency. It is no secret that in today’s highly competitive business environment, companies are seeking intelligent solutions for business process management and CRM to help streamline processes, accelerate operations, and more effectively engage their customers and prospects. We are proud to have partnered with Air Alliance Group to provide them with the competitive edge they need to thrive in the industry.” Andrew Fenton, Chief Sales Officer, EMEA & APAC, Creatio.

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Founded as a small aircraft maintenance company in 1993, Air Alliance has nowadays grown into a substantial business aviation operator and supplier. Today, the portfolio of the Air Alliance Group encompasses air ambulance flights, charter flights, aircraft sales, flight training school and aircraft technology and maintenance. With four offices located in Germany, Austria and the UK. As such, Air Alliance holds a commanding position on the International market. This was further confirmed when Air Alliance won ‘Air Ambulance Company of the Year 2017’ at the ITIJ Industry Awards held in Barcelona and again in 2018 at the ITIJ Industry Awards in Geneva. For more information, please visit:

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