Media and advertising

Enhance collaboration with your customers to help them effectively engage their target audiences with most personalized campaigns with Creatio’s low-code platform for process management and CRM
Low-code platfrom for process management and CRM system to streamline customer relations and boost engagement

Creatio offers a comprehensive low-code CRM solution for advertising and media agencies enabling them to acquire new customers, increase sales and cross sales, manage projects and project finances, and effectively reach target audiences by streamlining key business processes.

Customer management
Create a unified database with comprehensive information about each client:
360-degree view of your clients, including contact information, interaction history, web-site browsing history, orders, preferences, etc.
Capabilities to create a complete history of interactions, including industry, company size, geography, noteworthy events, contacts’ career history, and many more
Database segmentation which enables a personalized approach for each customer or account
Productivity tools to boost marketing campaign efficiency
Creatio offers a multistage and multichannel marketing campaign management and automation tools:
User-friendly interface of marketing campaign management
Built-in marketing calendar for easy planning of day-to-day operations: tasks, meetings, and calls
Integrated email marketing tool with an option to send automatic emails to specific customers or customer segments
Routine tasks automation
Tools to boost staff efficiency and automate day-to-day operations:
Capabilities to monitor a complete history of customers’ orders and advertising campaigns
Automated process of media placement reservations
Development of targeted programs based on a predetermined parameters, automated process management
Effective sales management
Drive more sales with powerful tools for sales process management and out-of-the-box processes:
Corporate sales business process automation (from first contact to deal closure)
Print-out forms for invoices and list of services
Sales dashboards, real-time analytics
Out-of-the-box sales processes
Powerful project management tools
Leverage the advanced capabilities to streamline marketing activities and interactions with customers and partners:
Tools to plan unique promotions and organize targeted ad campaigns
Media bookings management using integrated system tools
Partnerships, suppliers and vendors management according to set parameters
Capabilities to manage projects and project profitability
Tools to monitor project finances, track payments and use comprehensive billing tools – automatically issue invoices based on a set schedule.

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