Creatio supports high-quality emergency medical services across Flanders

May 29, 2020

Het Vlaamse Kruis (The Flemish Cross) is a non-profit organization working in the field of prehospital medical care. The institution is dedicated to improving access to emergency services and increasing healthcare awareness in the region of Flanders, Belgium.

The Flemish Cross knows the perils of poor operations management well: For them, the cost of an error can be very high. To keep all their data under absolute control, the organization needed a powerful CRM system with extensive low-code and customization capabilities. The Flemish Cross had experience with four different software systems before, but none could provide them with the desired level of functional capacity and scalability. Opting for Creatio helped the organization to finally get the solution they were searching for.

Het Vlaamse Kruis (The Flemish Cross) Creatio supports high-quality emergency medical services across Flanders

With the help of Creatio, The Flemish Cross actively and effectively serves the needs of its community. Having a single platform for sales and marketing processes with over 10 different workplaces for various projects and cross-functional teams, the organization keeps its operational efficiency high. On top of that, Creatio’s agility allows The Flemish Cross to modify their processes and create new business solutions in the system on the fly.

Creatio was implemented by Evoqia, Creatio’s trusted partner. The company pursues the mission to support organizations, both profit and non-profit, in coping with the digital revolution challenges. To do that, Evoqia implements fully customized platforms that integrate into customer's existing environments.


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