DECTA guides customers through every step of the payment process with the Creatio low-code platform

November 18, 2020

DECTA is a global provider of integrated services for payment processing, online acquiring, and card issuing. With more than 20 years of industry expertise, the company takes pride in serving thousands of customers across 27 countries.

With a mission to deliver reliable payment services and support to the most demanding B2B and B2C customers, DECTA cherishes its core principle of staying relevant in the ever-changing business environment. For the company, it means a continuous operational improvement supported by potent technology. When the company realized their software couldn’t meet their needs any longer, DECTA started looking for a more scalable CRM and process management solution with easy configuration and wide automation capabilities.

Creatio DECTA low-code

Creatio helped DECTA create a unified digital environment to leverage operational innovations successfully. The system’s user-friendly low-code development tools allowed the company to design and launch custom workflows to manage customer onboarding, optimize employee engagement, and take better control of multi-stage compliance management processes.

Creatio DECTA low-code

Learn how Creatio’s low-code solutions for process management and CRM helped DECTA drive operational efficiency and achieve full visibility of all system operations in the latest success story.


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