What’s New. BPMonline CRM 5.1


BPMonline Outlook Connector

The BPMonline Outlook Connector integrates BPMonline CRM into the native MS Outlook interface, providing:
  • One familiar environment to store and manage your client data.
  • Ability to create contacts, send electronic mail, edit contact information, fill in card fields with data from the CRM system lookups.
  • Bi-directional synchronization of BPMonline CRM and MS Outlook contacts and email.
  • Capability to turn off and on synchronization for specific data.
  • Possibility to link data from MS Outlook to BPMonline CRM objects, such as opportunities, invoices and documents.
  • Off-line mode allowing the possibility to work with BPMonline CRM data independently of Internet connection.

User Created Business Processes

The new release of BPMonline CRM, the process-driven CRM, extends the functionality of the Process Designer. The tool now fully WYSIWYE (what you see is what you execute), gives users the capability to design and execute business processes, including:
  • The ability to create activities, such as tasks, calls and email, within a business process, empowering users to become more engaged and productive.
  • The capability to set parameters for steps in a process as well as ability to derive a result from previous steps.
  • The ability to setup conditional activities following from the results of a completed step.
  • An execution history is saved for each business process giving you the capacity to observe the rout and the speed of process execution and to locate which objects of the system are connected to the process.

New User Capabilities

BPMonline CRM 5.1 is smarter, faster and more user friendly.
  • Using the Quick Filter you can filter records directly from the list without the need of manual data entry.
  • In the new Recent Folder you can see the most recently viewed, changed or added records in one click.

Enhanced User Interface Setup Options

Improved BPMonline CRM interface setup tools provide expanded capability to customize user interface and add new sections.
  • There is a simplified procedure for changing the structure of workspace (changing the number of sections, their order, etc.).
  • It is possible to modify sections and details so they can have more than one primary type of card.
  • It is possible to create sections with several primary lists each of which can be displayed on an individual tab.

Added Administration and Configuration Functionality

Additional improvements and functionality extensions provide more effective system configuration and customization.
  • The new Session Detail in the Security section allows tracking of BPMonline CRM user sessions.
  • You can now save configuration items to a file and load items from a file which permits you to upgrade the system modules and add elements created or modified in other configurations.
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