BPMonline CRM is the finalist of CRM Idol 2011


The CRM Idol 2011 judges tallied their scorecards and have named the 3 EMEA finalists!

The CRM Idol 2011 contest was launched by Paul Greenberg, an acknowledged CRM opinion leader and the author of bestselling book “CRM at the speed of the light”.

Because more than 50 opinion leaders, journalists, bloggers and consultants have been involved in the project, there has been a great deal of buzz about the competition throughout the CRM world.

Only 40 companies from Americas and 20 from EMEA were selected to participate in the competition from the many that applied to enter. In the first stage of the contest the competitors where whittled down to 20 companies and now, the second stage leaves only 7 finalists, 4 from Americas, 3 from EMEA.

As it is mentioned in the official website, “In the end, this [defining finalists] is a rigorous process that involves interviews, factors behind the scenes, more interviews, criteria that are uniform for all contestants, scoring and a lot of discussion back and forth between the judges – all of whom are experienced thought leaders in the space”.

The main advantage of BPMonline CRM is fusion of CRM tools with a BPM platform. The judges noted that “BPMOnline is one of the most substantial contenders in this category that we’ve seen emerge in a long time. It is one of the most evolved applications that we’ve seen in this competition – providing deep user-friendly customization at an incredibly inexpensive price point”.

BPMonline CRM beat out 17 other CRM solutions and now is going to competing head to head for the EMEA CRM Idol 2011 Title with Workbooks CRM Edition (Workbooks.com) and Capsule CRM (Zestia).