BPMonline CRM wins CRM Idol 2011


From 60 CRM solutions that competed, BPMonline CRM won CRM Idol in EMEA region, while Get Satisfaction won the title in Americas.

BPMonline CRM won the competition by garnering the majority of the judges’ votes, as well as the substantial audience that participated in the voting.

The main advantage of BPMonline CRM is fusion of CRM tools with a BPM platform. In the official product review the judges noted that BPMonline CRM is one of the most substantial contenders among process-centric applications that they have seen in a long time. They also noted that BPMonline makes the concept of process based CRM elegant. Clean and easy to use with a very powerful toolset that allows complex process creation from, maybe not novices, but non-technical users.

The judges evaluated BPMonline CRM as one of the most evolved applications that they have seen in CRM Idol competition – providing deep user-friendly customization at an incredibly inexpensive price point.

"Our team has been working for the last three years to create BPMonline CRM. As a result we have the solution that brings easy and affordable process management tools to CRM professionals. We are sure that in the nearest future stand-alone CRM solutions will be replaced by platforms that provide new features, such as BPM features and deeper integration with social media. A business of any size and industry will benefit from this kind of a platform. We are proud that BPMonline CRM was elected by market leaders and CRM community. CRM Idol helped us make an even better product", said Katerina Kostereva, co-founder and CEO of BPMonline, commenting on the victory.

About CRM Idol:

The CRM Idol 2011 contest was launched for the first time this year. Because more than 50 opinion leaders, journalists, bloggers and consultants had been involved in the project, there has been a great deal of buzz about the competition throughout the CRM world.

Only 40 companies from Americas and 20 from EMEA were selected to participate in the competition from the many that applied to enter. In the first stage of the contest the competitors where whittled down to 20 companies and now, the second stage leaves only 7 finalists, 4 from Americas, 3 from EMEA. The winners were announced on November 7.

For more information, please visit: www.crmidol.com.