What’s New. BPMonline 5.2


Use social networks to search customers’ data

BPMonline CRM gets more possibilities to manage customer relationships using Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

  • Ability to search contact info, fill in a contact card with the information from social networks.
  • View customer’s profile in social network directly from BPMonline CRM with no additional clicks.
  • Based on the information from social networks indicate the contacts that refer to an account.

Google Maps integration

Search Google map for the customer’s location; find the shortest route to the client.

Data import

Now you can easily import any data about contacts, accounts and products from MS Excel file. Just a few clicks, and the import is done!

Lead registration and management

Manage leads more effectively – indicate customer’s interest in your product or services; use lead qualification and disqualification capabilities.

  • Register full set of information provided by the lead.
  • Qualify the lead as a new customer by creating associated account, contact. The system performs and automatic search and if the lead is a duplicate entry it is qualified as a customer.
  • Irrelevant leads (e.g. leads with invalid contact information) can be disqualified.

Improved e-mailing capability

Besides MS Outlook integration, you can integrate with any IMAP e-mail service (e.g. Gmail). Thus, you can keep all e-mailing history within a corporate CRM system.

  • Every user can set synchronization with his e-mail account without using any additional modules or apps.
  • Preparing and sending an e-mail is easier than ever: every additional field is organized in separate area, which can be minimized during preparation of a letter.
  • A separate system directory is provided for quick e-mailing history access.

Mass e-mailing

Extended mass e-mailing capabilities:

  • Use macros during e-mail text preparations, to automatically substitute them with necessary information from the CRM system.
  • Add contacts to e-mailing list not only one by one, but by adding a group of contacts.
  • Consider contact’s preferences – if a contact doesn’t want to receive e-mails, he will be excluded from the list.

Search and unite duplicated records

Improved BPMonline CRM duplicated records search and unification capabilities.

  • Initiate duplicated records search, or have it done automatically scheduled or during creation of new records.
  • Search for duplicated records globally (whole system) or search for a specific duplicated record.
  • Add exceptions for specific duplicated records.
  • Unite duplicated records, saving all the data.
  • Adjust user rights to conduct duplicated records search.


BPMonline CRM analytics arsenal is constantly being improved. New tools for creating custom reports were added to the system.

  • Use Diagram Wizard to quickly create new diagrams.
  • Get aggregated data not only by full registry of records, but by any single data string. For example, see the date of first call, invoices sum, any other unified data.
  • Filter the aggregated data sets. For example, find every company, invoice sum of which exceeds some stated value.

New business-process automation capabilities

Updated business process tools let you build smarter processes, tightly integrated with the core functionality of the system.

  • Use process elements to work with any system entry. Open or create contact card or invoice card automatically.
  • Have the information gathered, entered or changed automatically by the process. For example, the process can register a new user, change a sale stage, add a product into invoice etc.
  • Use the special element – “Question to the user”, to identify future process actions based on the user’s decision.

Updated administrator functionality

New administrator features added to get even more from administrating BPMonline CRM.

  • Add new users even quicker.
  • Synchronize BPMonline CRM with LDAP catalogues, easily add and activate users through LDAP.
  • Use new authentification methods: certificates and LDAP.
  • Track changes of records more easily by logging system events.
  • Manage access rights to specific features or to the whole system, determine synchronization settings.

Adjusting workplaces and modules

  • Use two different modules for BPMonline CRM settings and administration.
  • Use separate modules to control user accounts, user rights, system preferences.

Additional enhancements

  • In the main menu, active reminders number is displayed.
  • Diagrams of every process can be viewed from the Start Process window.
  • The layout of “Access” detail has been changed to make access rights control even easier.
  • Directories can now be accessed without opening additional window. Just start entering characters and select an appropriate entry from the list.