BPMonline Is Showing How To Skyrocket Customer Service At itSMF UK


BPMonline is participating at itSMF UK conference on 5-6 November. This Conference features a huge range of presentations and buzzing ITSM exhibition with live chat among practitioners.

We invite all to our stand A15. Our experts in customer experience and ITIL will be answering all questions and help everyone who wants to unveil areas that can be optimized with help of the latest technologies.

There also will be a showcase of SaaS process management platform and solutions that are built on it: BPMonlie Service Desk and BPMonlne CRM Agent Desktop. These solutions can skyrocket customer service to the new heights. Our experts will gladly share their real-life cases that show how these solutions helped companies make a great transformation from old-school way of providing service to innovative pro-active approach.

BPMonline Service Desk employs ITIL recommendations and uses process automation engine to apply the recommendations to specific business requirements and organizational structure. This approach makes IT Service Management software flexible enough to be customized with the click of a mouse.

BPMonline CRM Agent Desktop is a unique software package designed to facilitate and manage all Contact Center and CRM transactions. This solution provides all the necessary information in a single environment, minimizing the information clutter, sharply increasing the company’s productivity and efficiency.

Combined, these solutions make a cohesive ecosystem that helps maintain a seamless customer interactions via all channels for all customer inquiries. By extending standard service and CRM features with process management tool, a business gains 3 major benefits:

  1. The highest quality of service ensured by enabling all employees to follow the same processes and standards.
  2. Improved customer experience due to coordination and automation of various tasks involved in each type of interaction.
  3. Improved employees productivity, reduced service delivery costs.

Visit us at A15 and we promise you meaningful conversation with industry experts.