Business Travel Specialists Seek New System to Complement Surge in Growth


London-based business tourism specialists Travel Boutique chose BPMonline CRM to automate processes, which allowed elevating customer experience to a new level. What BPMonline offered was not just a simple software package but a complete business process management tool that could solve all the current issues, whilst assisting the company with any number of real-world problems that could occur in the foreseeable future.

With no CRM system in place, data had to be processed manually using Excel spread sheets with related documents kept in a different place to the customer files. As the tourism industry is becoming an increasingly more competitive market with customer demands rising ever higher, it was important to find a solution that would not only solve company’s existing problems, but also make future development easier.

All systems were up and running within only a few days; the excellent work of technical team made the whole switchover completely seamless. Storing complete data on each customer streamlines communication and gives the opportunity to have personalized records, which means the Travel Boutique is now closer to its clients in terms of understanding their needs or preferences, with a full client history that increases the level of interaction between employee and the customer.

“Implementation of BPMonline CRM allowed us to unify our knowledge, putting all data in a single place. This allowed employees to get instant access to all data without using up valuable time with internal queries,” says Valerie Kozhuharenko, Head of MICE Department, Travel Boutique, “it also gave us the capability to automate our daily processes which was a massive help not only to our staff but for the company as a whole.”

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