CRM for Medium and Large Enterprises Buyer’s Guide features BPMonline


Technology Evaluation Centers

BPMonline, a global provider of the award winning process-driven CRM solutions, is proud to announce that Technology Evaluation Centers, the leading advocate for the enterprise software purchaser, has listed BPMonline in the CRM for Medium and Large Enterprises Buyer’s Guide, 2013.

Providing excellent customer experience is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The mission of CRM vendors is to offer great tools to help companies build strong relationships with their customers and stand out from the competition. However, presently, most vendors of CRM for medium and large enterprises have similar offerings. BPMonline stands out with professional business process management engine to design, automate, monitor, and supervise business processes.

The Guide, compiled by the leading CRM industry analysts, provides market insight and trends on CRM solutions and emphasizes that the future of CRM software for Medium and Large Enterprises lies within the process-driven CRM solutions such as BPMonline CRM.

The benefits of extended business process management capabilities include:

  • Increased efficiency due to automation of routine, time consuming tasks
  • Improved process effectiveness
  • Better collaboration between departments and business units
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased customer satisfaction

'Being inspired to create the best-of-breed technologies for business process management we are happy that the concept of process-driven CRM is recognized by both our customers and leading industry analysts on the CRM market.’ – concludes Katerina Kostereva, BPMonline CEO and Managing Partner.

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