VIDEO: Customer Data Management with BPMonline CRM


BPMonline showcases customer data management features of BPMonline CRM 7.0 in a new video.

Nowadays, better part of the business information remains unstructured. By storing data in a structured manner, you will provide your business with a huge advantage to deal with customer issues and obtain on time market feedback. As a result, you will get an immediate increase of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

BPMonline will help you to reach the goal of being one of the leading companies with perfect customer service!

With BPMonline the access to vital customer information becomes rapid and efficient:

  • Get consolidated data.
  • Create new communication records and collect information.
  • Integrate with Social Networks.

Thus, with the 360 degree view of your customer in a most convenient manner, you will stay connected to your customers and have long-term business relationships.