Bpm’online highlighted in the ‘Next-generation CRM: All about Business Process Excellence’ report by Hypatia Research Group


Bpm’online, a world-class vendor of process-based cloud software for sales, marketing and service automation, has been highlighted in a recent primary research study entitled ‘Next-generation CRM: All about Business Process Excellence’ by Hypatia Research Group, an industry analyst and technology market research firm.

The study delivers high impact market intelligence, industry benchmarking and best practice on how businesses can benefit from merging business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) approaches.

"The goal is to create an aggregated BPM/CRM system, one that allows the input and output of information in a virtuous circle, so that CRM data informs BPM data and vice versa," said Leslie Ament, SVP Research & Principal Analyst at Hypatia Research Group. "The result is a more-intelligent system that gives companies the ability to enhance one of the key competitive differentiators: the customer experience. Being smarter about customers not only increases customer engagement, but it has the potential to increase revenues from customers delighted with the service they’ve received."

This independent report highlights bpm’online as one of a handful of vendors whose software combines both CRM and intelligence-driven BPM, transforming static customer data into actionable customer insight. The core value of bpm’online products is out-of-the-box processes (pre-built referenced business processes in bpm’online applications) that make it easy for companies to jump start using the CRM system and bring industry best practices to their work.

To better illustrate the value of process-driven CRM solutions the report includes a case study of one of the world’s leading supplier of networking products that chose bpm'online to create its new customer service system. By properly automating vital service operations the company saw an immediate improvement in customer service and managed to respond to triple the number of customer requests without extending their support team. An integrated bpm’online system that incorporates both CRM and BPM capabilities enabled the company to deliver an outstanding experience to their customers.

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