Bpm’online platform version 7.6 release – enhanced usability and more tools for omnichannel communications


Bpm’online, a premium vendor of cloud-based CRM software for marketing, sales and service automation, announces the release of version 7.6 of its next-generation process-driven platform. The new version offers a significantly enhanced user experience when working across multiple communication channels: phone calls, emails and social media. In addition, enhanced data management tools ensure simplified data search, filtering and analysis.

Omnichannel communication capabilities

Version 7.6 provides a number of enhancements for managing omnichannel communications. A completely renewed email management concept makes working with emails faster and more convenient than ever before. All emails in the Communication panel are automatically linked to contacts, accounts, opportunities as well as other system objects if they are contained in the email.

Bpm’online 7.6 fully supports the new API for Facebook integration. The integration is pre-set so users only need to input the login and password - no additional setup is required to enrich accounts and contacts in bpm’online with Facebook data.

New telephony capabilities ensure enhanced communications within your team and with customers. Use history of calls for quick search of contacts and recent conversations. Using call recording features, you can listen to recorded conversations in bpm’online and always keep communications history and details at hand. Add interactivity to your communications with free video calls between bpm’online users.

Smart tools for data management

The ever-growing amount of information kept in the CRM requires smarter data management tools to make the most of your data.
In version 7.6 bpm’online introduces extended tagging capabilities. By adding one or more tags to any of the system’s records, users will be able to find necessary information with just a few clicks, in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, there is the ability to add different types of tags: private tags are only displayed to the author, while corporate tags are displayed to all bpm’online users. If you want your record to go public and appear even on customer portal, then a public tag can be applied.

The newest version of bpm’online also offers tools to easily establish, monitor and analyze corporate relationship structure in a visual diagram. Users can track the structure and history of relationships for each company or the entire group and, what is more, directly within the visual diagram, the user can edit the interconnections between companies and add new subsidiaries.

Multicurrency fields simplify input of financial information – a single field can be used to indicate costs in any currency.

Smart filtering features are now available within details in record pages. For instance, when analyzing a history of communications with a particular account, from the details on the account page users can filter orders in progress, closed cases, planned activities, etc.

A new record could be added to the lookups in bpm’online in a matter of seconds. The system will automatically prompt adding the new lookup value if no records from the pre-set list are suitable.

Mobile app updates

With the latest release of bpm’online, capabilities to setup mobile workplaces have been added. System administrator can set up different sets of sections and fields for various workplaces, allowing to display only relevant information for a certain role.
With the 7.6 release, in addition to iOS and Android-operated devices, bpm’online mobile apps can be deployed on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1-operated devices.

What’s new in the system designer

Traditionally, bpm’online platform updates include enhancements to administration and customization capabilities.

New widgets are now available in dashboards. A ‘Web Page’ widget allows to display web pages in bpm’online, whether it is your corporate website, a YouTube video or any other web page. New ‘Indicators’ widget allows users not only to track actual performance but also analyze deviations from planned KPIs (e.g. overdue cases or number of calls per agent per day).

Using the new visual content designer it is now possible to create eye-catching email templates within bpm’online. The system offers a library of ready-to-use elements that can be used to create custom mass mail templates – add your text, company logo or image and the email is ready to be sent. Save the newly created template in bpm’online and use it for your next email campaign.

To simplify the work of system administrators we have updated the interface of ‘System Settings’ page, as well as rendered the list of app users in a separate view. In addition, in bpm’online 7.6 a possibility of implementing an NTLM-authorization was added. This allows logging in the system without entering a username and password, using domain authorization.

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