BrainSell joins bpm’online partner network to meet industry demand for process-driven CRM

Brainsell now offers bpm’online’s award-winning solutions to help even more businesses scale with its powerfully different approach to strong processes and technology.

Brainsell now offers bpm’online’s award-winning solutions to help even more businesses scale with its powerfully different approach to strong processes and technology.

Bpm’online, whose process-driven CRM software for marketing, sales and service helps over 6,000 organizations win more customers faster, announced that  BrainSell Technologies, a leading advisory and technology company specializing in CRM and marketing automation solutions, has joined its channel partner program. By collaborating with bpm’online, BrainSell is enriching its product portfolio and helping even more businesses scale with processes and technology using bpm’online’s highly-ranked process-driven CRM solution.

Founded in 1994, BrainSell provides business strategy and best-in-class CRM, ERP, business intelligence and business process management technology for clients of all sizes and industries. With today’s heightened market demand for process-based cloud CRM solutions, BrainSell found bpm’online to provide a powerfully different approach than other solutions on the market.

Bpm’online products are best known for merging extended CRM functionality with business process management (BPM) capabilities. Business processes are the core of bpm’online platform, which enables users to design, implement and optimize processes without tech specialist or coding. Unlike traditional CRM systems, bpm’online’s process-driven CRM allows for adjusting customer-facing processes to be defined quickly and easily so that companies have the agility to constantly test different approaches and processes to see what works best.

“What we found most interesting about bpm’online, along with the core process driven engine that aligns directly with our Business Process Management consultancy, was some very unique capabilities that are gaps we can fill for clients like their Purpose Built Mobile application capability,” said Jim Ward, founder and CEO of BrainSell Technologies. “After an exhaustive review of both the company and its products, we saw bpm’online and its solutions as a way we can help even more companies to respond to the challenges they face in a highly competitive business environment.  We look forward to extending our partnership with bpm’online as together we deliver solutions that help our clients scale their businesses.”

”We’re very happy to welcome BrainSell to our growing community of like-minded channel players that are  providing their clients added value through a process-centric approach to customer relationship management,” said Bob Cellucci, partner development director at bpm’online. “A successful partner ecosystem is an integral part of our partner-driven strategy. That is why we developed a Channel Partner Program that offers outstanding partnership terms and empowers our partners through training, collaboration, and support. We look forward to teaming well with BrainSell’s highly capable and successful organization."

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