Bpm’online releases major update to bpm’online bank customer journey bolstering the innovative software for bank front-office and contact center

Bpm’online updates its bank customer journey product to provide banks and financial institutions with a new level of agility for enhanced customer journeys


Bpm'online announces the release of the new version of bpm’online bank customer journey - its software for retail banks’ front office management. The software update is specifically focused on providing greater agility with more robust tools that allow for the instant adjustment of customer-facing processes to help banks and financial institutions keep pace with the ever changing banking industry.

Transform bank’s product catalog into an effective sales tool

Thanks to the additional product catalog management capabilities, bpm’online bank customer journey fully equips agents with tools to quickly and easily provide consultations, decreasing time spent on new bank’s product launch and enabling agents to start selling newly introduced products in a matter of hours. The updated features also enable users to easily set various product parameters, such as interest rates, terms, re-payment schedules, and many more.

The product-segment matrix in bpm’online bank customer journey makes it easy to select products that best fit clients’ needs and requirements. The system allows for specifying detailed product characteristics, sales terms, documents needed for the application. This enables front-office personnel to easily navigate the extensive product catalog and make the most personalized offer with products and services that are specifically tailored to the clients’ needs.

Provide exceptional customer service with bpm’online bank customer journey

The bpm’online customer journey software update includes an all-new consultation panel empowered with omnichannel communications capabilities that boost the efficiency of bank tellers and contact center agents. The system helps to swiftly find and identify clients to provide them with detailed consultation on product or service they are interested in, as well as easily submit an application or request.

Queue management tools enable supervisors to efficiently route all incoming requests to agents based on priorities and other parameters. With the help of visual dashboards and a set of predefined reports, supervisors will have the ability to analyze agents’ performance, monitor their workload and evaluate the quality of service.  

Run and adjust business processes on the fly                                                                    

Updating the business process management (BPM) engine provided the agility to change processes faster than ever. With the latest version bpm’online bank customer journey supports runtime processes evolution – modification of the process while in the middle of the action. Leveraging this functionality, users gain unprecedented agility with process modification and testing in response to the immediate needs of the business, on the fly and in the cloud.

Bpm’online platform: a new level of agility and usability

The new version of bpm’online bank customer journey inherits all the latest updates from the bpm’online platform, including enhanced tools for data import, updated email synchronization, as well as simplified synchronization with MS Exchange or Gmail contacts and calendar. The system will become users’ biggest time saver, as it offers a comprehensive set of user-friendly tools, such as: a unified notification center, updated user hints, pop-up summaries, and many more.

The latest version of bpm’online bank customer journey offers a new level of agility highlighting a rich array of features that make bpm’online the system of choice for many retail banks and financial institutions.

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