A new regular update package for bpm’online


We are excited to inform you about a new update package for bpm’online products. The Cloud customers will be updated during the next available maintenance period.

The key enhancements include:

  • Working with data. The ability to swiftly select all records in a filtered section list was added.
  • Email and telephony. The latest release features enhanced capabilities for working with various communication channels. Large numbers of emails are now processed in batches, which requires significantly less system resources, users can now set up their email alias on the mailbox settings page, also the support of Asterisk 13 was added.
  • Administration tools. In order to help users jump-start using bpm’online, we have also added the ability to import from Excel the list of system users along with their organizational and functional roles.
  • Development tools. Working with the Configuration section is now more convenient. It is now much easier to access the Configuration page, the ‘Packages’ and ‘Actions’ panels are conveniently located next to each other, the ‘Packages’ panel has sorting and filtering features. Also, all modified schemas can be filtered on the ‘Schemas’ tab on the working area.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy. Read the release notes >>

Please note, in case of using SVN revision control system for the development and configuration of bpm’online, after the update you would need to follow a few simple steps according to the instructions on bpm'online academy.

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