A new regular update package for bpm’online


Today, in advance of the bpm’online 7.9 release, we are proud to announce the culminating update package for bpm’online products.
The Cloud customers will be updated during the next available maintenance period.

The key enhancements and improvements include:

  • Intelligent customer profile enrichment. Users can now manage CRM data faster and with minimum effort with automatic smart data enrichment. The system swiftly finds the necessary company information, such as phone numbers, social media profiles or email addresses in open sources to more effectively enrich account profile data.
  • Dynamic Case Management. The latest release features Dynamic Case Management capabilities that allow users to more dynamically and flexibly manage business processes and automate unstructured, 'untamed' processes.
  • Bpm’online marketing. Recent enhancements include streamlined tools for lead acquisition and lead nurturing, such as updated campaigns and email marketing tools as well as enhanced integration with landing pages. The key improvements for bpm’online marketing include:
    • The 'landing page' element within campaigns can now be placed at any stage of a campaign workflow including registration of customers for a marketing event.
    • Campaign logic can now branch depending on the link customer follows.
    • Integration with Elastic Email.
    • The user tools to effectively monitor and analyze unsent and undelivered emails were added.
  • Bpm’online sales. Improved tools for field sales management will ensure smarter and nimbler field sales. Field sales reps will be able to plan pre-configured visits on a mobile device and monitor SKUs.
  • Bpm’online service. Upgraded algorithms for calculating case response and resolution deadlines. A user can now choose to set the preferred calculation scheme based on case priority, SLA or select a support plan.
  • Administration. Single login with Web Single Sign-On (WebSSo) ensures centralized user management and simplified user authentication in the system.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available at the bpm’online academy.
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