Bpm’online welcomes 6 new apps on bpm’online marketplace


Bpm’online has great news to share – 6 new connectors are now available on the bpm’online marketplace!

Thanks to bpm'online's partner and customer network, we are constantly working on the marketplace ecosystem expansion, offering more and more tools to help businesses accelerate. Discover the new apps all bpm’online users can leverage from now on:

Sage 50 connector for bpm'online
Accounting app that is based on Zynk integration platform and meant to connect bpm’online system directly to Sage 50 Accounts with 2-way synchronization. Sage 50 gives its users the abilities to sync account and contact info, manage cash flow (incoming & expenses), set and sync credit limits, and view account balance.

Facebook leads connector for bpm’online
This app provides integration of bpm'online with Facebook forms used for lead generation and/or other marketing purposes. It enables to automatically save data submitted by a user to bpm’online, and create and process the lead by launching the relevant business process.

TAVIQ Profiler connector for bpm'online
Customer acquisition tool used to analyze potential customer personality and communication style based on DISC profiling. TAVIQ connector for bpm'online helps integrate TAVIQ Profiler with bpm’online to get the prospect and lead data enriched by TAVIQ analysis. It enables to create personality segmented dynamic folders of leads, target them with fine-tuned trigger campaigns, special offers, and other promotional materials based on the individual preferences.

GEM Meetings for bpm'online
Tool that helps derive the value from the synergy of bpm'online meeting, planning and tracking functionality with GEM analytical tools and benchmarking models. Among the vast capabilities of GEM Meetings app, there are tools to analyze each employee's schedule, assess the duration of all meetings, determine best meetings type (onsite, offsite, virtual) based on location / situation of participants, schedule the best date and time for each meeting and many others.

OneLogin SSO connector
This app provides an easy-to-use template-based solution for single sign-on (SSO) access setup for those bpm'online customers, who use OneLogin as their corporate identity management service. It allows bpm’online users to manage access to bpm'online from a single identity management service, simplify user onboarding process and improve user experience.

Azure Active Directory connector
The tool that provides an easy-to-use template-based solution for single sign-on (SSO) access setup for those bpm'online customers, who use Azure AD as their corporate identity management service. With Azure Active Directory, there is no need to memorize one more password for bpm'online as user is automatically signed in once signed in into domain record.

Check the full list of applications on the bpm’online marketplace.