Bpm’online introduces the latest update package for its product line


We are happy to announce the latest update package for the bpm’online product line, which features more than 60 new improvements.

Bpm’online 7.12.4 features the following core enhancements:

Machine Learning models. Users now have the ability to create their own custom machine learning models without coding:

  • specify model parameters without the necessity to manually create a data selection script;
  • select the column which will be used to save the forecast results;
  • add the launch of the configured model as a part of the business process with the new [Predict data] process element.

Campaign management. The latest update features the new [Triggered adding] element which allows users to launch campaigns by trigger events. For example, users are now able to configure a campaign to send instant email confirmations to the clients after their registration for the event or placing the order. Besides, bpm’online 7.12.4 provides extended capabilities for configuring the maximum allowed customer newsletter frequency.

Case management. The latest update features improved UI for managing cases, which significantly simplifies the case management process. For instance, now users are able to process lengthy emails in a single interface, which includes sending and responding to emails. Case history now also displays the attached files and comments to the feed posts.

Data management. In the newest version, you can view the downloaded images in the “Attachments” detail. In addition, text formatting capabilities in the Notes and Emails sections have been expanded. For example, users can now create and format tables, change the size of the added images, add hyperlinks to texts or images, etc.

Analytics. The system was enhanced with the new “Lead - Opportunity” pipeline dashboard, which allows for effective tracking of each customer journey stage – from the first point of contact to a successful deal closure.

Customization tools. It is now possible to perform OAuth 2.0 authentication for web services called from business processes. In the Section Wizard, we added the capability to configure business rules and work with the source code of mini pages.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy. Read the release notes>>

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