Market Fit Group, an international garment manufacturer, selects bpm'online to disrupt its industry standards


Bpm’online, a global business software company leading in the space of business process automation and CRM, today announced that Market Fit Group (MFG) – a worldwide fashion garment supplier with over 8 offices – is implementing bpm’online sales enterprise companywide with the support of B & C Solutions Limited.

MFG, with over 40 years’ experience in the garment industry, operates in 8 major sourcing countries including, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, with additional sales offices in France, UK, Spain. MFG is expanding their business model from purchasing garments on behalf of the client, to manufacturing the garments themselves. With this new undertaking, MFG determined that their existing ERP system did not meet the demands of the newly acquired business model at an enterprise level. But bpm’online did.

The availability of the newly acquired system was imperative to the organization – a system they could access anytime and anywhere. Bpm’online’s mobile app for sales plans to deliver on the synergic unification that MFG was seeking. The garment manufacturer is excited to have everybody in the same boat, using the same system with access to real-time data, even on the go; information will be transparent and shared. With this improved method of communication, MFG plans to decrease the standard garment development period. MFG believes that timelier, more efficient and accurate information will inherently yield faster results. “If you can accelerate the development period, then you will be the market winner that will disrupt the industry,” – notes Benny Sze, B & C Solutions Limited.

MFG also understood that having the ability to change processes as needed was critical. Change is the new normal, and in the fashion industry where new seasons mean new trends, having the ability to adapt swiftly is critical. Bpm’online’s low-code and flexible platform will provide MFG with the customizable tools they need to modify their automated processes as needed, ensuring the garment manufacturer stays ahead of their competitors.

“The system is to serve the user, and not the other way around,” – noted Benny Sze, Founder of B & C Solutions Limited, integrator partner.

“The partner-driven strategy of our company provides maximum benefits to our partners, fostering business development with bpm’online and in turn, satisfied clients. We are proud to have partnered with B & C Solutions Limited. Together, we are providing customers with the opportunity to digitally transform their organizations. Congratulations to Benny and his team in their newly acquired international client!” – commented Alex Donchuk, Global Channel Director, bpm’online.

B & C Solutions Limited, an astute partner of bpm’online that specializes in IT, outsource CFO and accounting services, will take charge of the implementation project that is set to go live April 1, 2019. With just over 3 months to customize the extensive and multifaceted processes of MFG, B & C Solutions Limited is wasting no time taking the reins.

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About Market Fit Group
Created in 1974 Market Fit Group has initiated and developed the concept of "Global Sourcing". Their first domain of intervention was leather, quickly followed by textile, which is presently their main activity. Since their creation, Market Fir Group has been developing their expertise in the garment industry. 35 years of experience has largely validated their concept and placed them as a leader in this field.
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