Regular update package for bpm’online products


We are excited to announce a new update package for bpm’online products, which features even more improvements and enhancements.

Bpm’online 7.13.2 provides the following core updates:

Email marketing. The latest update features new Dynamic Content functionality that allows for designing highly personalized email campaigns. With Dynamic Content you will be able to craft email templates that will display specific content to specific segments of recipients, for example, based on their socio-demographic or behavioral data. Thanks to the new Dynamic Content capabilities, bpm’online users can:

  • configure segmentation rules for the bulk email recipients and send personalized emails to each segment;
  • preview email templates with Dynamic Content to fine-tune styling, formatting, and text;
  • send test emails with one or more dynamic content sections to ensure their compatibility in all possible segmentation scenarios;
  • use click map to analyze bulk email results for each dynamic content section.

Content Designer. The latest version features more capabilities for email template configuration. Users can specify the size of images and their alignment and configure indentation in text blocks more precisely. It is also possible to customize the buttons in emails, including button text, dimensions, indentation, color, borders, image and background color.

Self-service portal. The system was enhanced with the ability to customize the sections of self-service portal with the help of Section Wizard.

Duplicate search. The newest version provides updated duplicate search mechanism for Oracle Database and Postgre SQL apps, which now includes all the features previously available only for MS SQL apps:

  • instant search for duplicates when a new record is added to the system based on the configured rules;
  • mass search for duplicates through all section records;
  • processing of found duplicates: the system saves unique records and merges duplicates;
  • merging duplicates in the registry section.

Printables. While configuring printables, it is now possible to add report tables to the document header and footer.

Development tools. Continuously developing the bpm’online platform, we strive to provide developers with the widest capabilities for system customization. This is why bpm’online 7.13.2 supports the latest version of the .Net Framework. Moreover, the system is now able to save object diagrams in a configuration with a complex package hierarchy much faster. In addition, new API capabilities allow for executing time-consuming operations in the background.

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