Bpm’online announces the winners of 2019 Business Process Championship

2019 BPC

Today is the day, we are finally announcing the winners of our Business Process Championship program! In case you haven’t caught up with us in the last month, Business Process Championship is a skilled contest, in which participants design a unique process using bpm’online studio free product in consideration of prizes. Usefulness, relevance, creativity, simplicity, and correctness were the five main criteria for BPC submissions.

The competition was opened to participants from all geographies, industries and professions – no wonder we received so many diverse submissions with unique business processes.

We were blown away by the quantity and quality of the submissions. After much deliberation, we’re delighted to share the names of the top three contest winners. So, let’s get straight to our champions!

Gold winner: Khoa Cao with credit card acquisition process

The first place and $1000 Hotels.com gift card goes to Khoa Coa who came up with a credit card acquisition process! Khoa Coa is a BPM сonsultant at Couture Consulting. The business process he submitted intends to digitize credit card acquisition process. It helps to incorporate relevant departments and systems to improve velocity of the whole process and partially automating appraisal process to improve performance and efficiency of appraisal team by: 

  • Centralizing applications from all channels to remove duplications.
  • Testing them against predefined business rules to reject obviously ineligible applications.

Congrats, Khoa Coa! You won the hearts of the bpm’online team.

Silver winner: Oksana Kuminov with tax preparation process

The second place and a $500 Hotels.com gift card goes to Oksana Kuminov — tax accountant at NBAC Corp. The business process she came up with outlines high-level workflows that support and manage core tax preparation process end-to-end. Oksana explains that the key operational value of the initiative is to document, ensure consistency, and ultimately automate business procedures in the tax preparation process. Her tax preparation process is a sequential workflow that consists of the three core stages:

  1. Document intake process
  2. Tax return preparation process
  3. Tax return distribution process

Well done, Oksana! You for sure simplified the lives of many accountants. .

Bronze winner: Kamil Trzcinski with problem solving process

The third place and a $250 Hotels.com gift card go to Kamil Trzcinski project manager at Advanced Intelligent Supply Chain. Kamil’s process provides a structure for solving any organizational problem. His unique and creative solution is relevant across any industry and business department. The process starts with a description on how to define a problem, followed by five other sections: building the team, protecting customer, finding root cause, applying corrective actions and verifying corrective actions. Each step in every section has been described in great detail so that the complete process is easy to follow.

Good job, Kamil!  Structured problem solving is a top priority for most organizations and with your great solution, firefighting is no longer an option.

But wait, there’s more! First 100 valid submissions will also get $20 Amazon gift cards. We will be contacting all other participants with this prize shortly.

Wrapping up

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone for participating. All entries were amazing and we are thrilled to see so many of you enjoyed the contest! Everyone who submitted and participated in the contest – you helped make Business Process Championship a huge success!